Cole & Mason Self Watering Potted Herb Keeper Review

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Cole & Mason Self Watering Potted Herb Keeper Review

For those who want all of the benefits of a garden without the effort, Cole & Mason Self-Watering Planter is a good choice. As it’s name suggests, it literally waters itself using hydro-pads, where water gets drawn out as needed from the 10 ounces of water the container can hold. Each system comes with a one year supply of these nifty pads.

In addition to taking out the work, these hydro-pads also require 40 percent less water to grow a robust, fresh plant, which is a definite plus for the environment there. Herbs are housed in a carbon steel container that is covered resulting in less water evaporation. It comes with one top piece, one water tray, and four hydro felt pads. The pour spout allows for easy filing of the water reservoir to reduce any messy spills so no clean up either.

Note: this planter doesn’t come with seeds or a plant. Get a rosemary plant Get a rosemary plant here to complete the kit.

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