12 Classroom Valentine Cards to Win the Holiday

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12 Classroom Valentine Cards to Win the Holiday

Are you and your child searching for cards to give their classmates this Valentine’s Day? Check out our sweet valentine picks.

Candy isn’t your only option when it comes to these holiday greetings, you can choose cards that come with bracelets, stickers, or even temporary tattoos! And of course you can always choose a quality card that doesn’t come with anything but an adorable message.

Mrs Field’s Cookie Cards

Each kid in class can enjoy a sprinkled, sugary Mrs. Fields cookie — they’re tucked inside each little Valentine’s box! 

Each sugar cookie is hand-frosted and topped with tiny heart sprinkles. The cookies are individually wrapped.

Temporary Tattoo Valentines

These class valentines feature four styles of cool foil temporary tattoos: planets, two different hearts, and lightning bolts. Your child can insert the tattoos into the little cards and hand out to classmates. 

One foil tattoo fits into each card — the set includes 28, which should cover their whole class.

Little Choo Choo Trains

I choo-choo choose you! 

That’s the message on these fun valentines right, above a little rubber train eraser. The Pottery Barn Kids class valentine set includes 8 cards, 8 train erasers, and 8 envelopes.

Paper Source Mix Match Critter Valentine Review

This Paper Source kit features pre-cut animal tops and bottoms that kids can pair up themselves. Create wacky creatures, or play it straight and match the correct pieces. 

Either way, you’ve got some adorable valentines. Kids will need glue to assemble, and a pen to add names.

Play-Doh Valentines

Each classmate gets their own squishy can of Play-Doh with this festive party pack. 

One ounce mini cans come in white, pink, and red. Gifting labels are included so kids can write who each can is to, and who it’s from. 15 mini cans and 15 labels are included in each bag.

Scratch Off Valentines

Kids can write a message on these unique cards, then apply a scratch-off sticker panel over it. 

Classmates scratch the panel with a coin to find out who sent the valentine — fun! The set of 8 also includes festive envelopes.

Outta This World Stickers

Glittery celestial stickers come with each of these fun valentines. Each one reads “Valentine, You’re out of this world!” with spaces to write names. 

8 little sheets of star and moon stickers are included in each set, as well as 8 cards, and 8 envelopes.

Valentine Knot Bracelet Cards

They can make every classmate their bestie with a nylon friendship bracelet and a card that reads “Our class would knot be the same without you!” How sweet. 

Friendship bracelets for everyone! Each set includes 24 pre-assembled  card/bracelet combos.

Kiss Emoji Valentines

These personalized cards on thick cardstock feature your child’s name in the heart.

Little emoji fans will love these colorful cards from Minted. A smooching winking face blows a kiss and the text reads “#happyvalentines.”

Ice Cream Erasers

Red cards read “you’e so cool!” above itty bitty ice cream erasers on these fun valentines from Pottery Barn Kids. 

Bonus: your child’s buddies will use the cute erasers long after the holiday! 8 classmates are covered with this set, with includes 8 cards, 8 erases, and 8 envelopes.

Taco ‘Bout Awesome Cards

Trendy tacos adorn these fun personalized valentines from Minted. 

“Let’s Taco ‘Bout How Awesome You Are” it says around an excited taco face. Minted can add your child’s name for a special valentine to hand out in class.

Rainbow Etch Unicorn Valentines

These 16 etch cards feature 4 different unicorn designs in rainbow colors. 

16 stick styluses are also included so kids can scratch out shapes and patterns on the cards. Fun!

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