9 Cat Scratching Posts to Please Your Picky Feline

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9 Cat Scratching Posts to Please Your Picky Feline

Cats are mercurial and opinionated creatures. When it comes to scratching posts, some cats may be all about a cardboard scratcher, some may like twine, others want a scratcher they can also sleep in. But how do you discover which type your kitten likes without breaking the bank? 

We’ve broken it down for you. If you have no idea, go with one of our entry-level picks. Once you know Fluffy’s preferences, then it’s time to move on to a higher-end model. Check out the different types below.

Best Traditional Twine Scratching Post - Entry Level

Like human nails, cats’ claws need to be kept in good condition. Twine scratch posts help kitties wear down and condition their claws as they scratch. 

Twine posts also resemble furniture in texture, making them a great option for redirecting kitty’s attention when working on her self-manicure. This 26-inch post is covered with a natural sisal rope and has a bird toy on top for extra-fun scratch time.

Best Traditional Twine Scratching Post - High End

If you know for a fact that your cat enjoys twine posts, it may be time to level up to the Ultimate Scratching post. 

This post is also made from natural sisal rope, which helps condition kitty’s claws, and is 32 inches high, allowing for some serious stretching while they scratch. This post is on the more durable side, so if your cat is a bit of a chainsaw when scratching, you can expect this baby to hold up.

Best Wall-mounted Scratching Post - Entry Level

If your cat gets a little rough with their scratch post, e.g., knocks it over during scratching sessions, a mounted post may be the way to go. It gives cats a sturdier post to hold onto and saves space. 

The 4CLAWS Wall-Mounted Scratching post has a sturdy aluminum frame that connects to the wall via stainless steel mounting screws and wall anchors and offers a sisal rope scratching surface. Reviewers tout this post’s easy installation process as one of its major selling points.

Best Wall-mounted Scratching Post - High End

This post is for cat owners who want to take their scratching post game to the next level.

Not just meant for scratching, this post is also meant for climbing, making it an ideal scratcher for high-energy kitties that climb everything from your furniture to curtains. This post is more than 5 feet long and can be combined with other kitty-friendly wall mounts to build feline oasis anywhere you have open wall space.

Best Cardboard Scratching Post - Entry Level

Some cats just aren’t into twine scratch posts. Another option is cardboard scratchers. While similar to twine in many ways, cardboard has the added advantage of being the perfect surface to sprinkle a bit of catnip, making it super easy to get your cat’s attention without a lot of coaxing. 

The Catit Style Scratcher is lounge-shaped to make it not just a great scratcher, but also a lovely place to stretch out and rest. Catnip is included to entice Fluffy to give it a whirl.

Best Cardboard Scratching Post - High End

If you’re ready to upgrade your cardboard scratcher, you are going to have trouble doing better than the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. 

It’s super durable and strong, able to withstand the weight of an adult human. It’s also reversible, so you get double the use, and cat’s can scratch it, sleep on it, and even hide in it. The scratcher holds up to heavy use without falling apart and can be mounted to the wall if kitty prefers to perch while she scratches. Full disclosure, my cat has one of these and she adores it.

Best Perch/scratching Post - Entry Level

Since cat scratchers can take up a lot of space, many owners choose to invest in scratchers that double as a place for Kitty to nap, perch, and basically lord over the entire living room. 

The small Baza Cat Tree has a snuggly place to sleep as well as two sisal twine wrapped scratching posts. Additionally, reviewers say that the hammock is big enough for even 20-pound cats.

Best Perch/scratching Post - High End

This 62-inch cat condo has a maximum holding weight of up to 40 pounds, making it ideal for homes with multiple cats. 

The perches are covered with faux fleece, and the seven posts that hold the condo together are wrapped in sisal twine to encourage lots of scratching. Reviewers note that for such a tall cat condo, it’s pretty sturdy and stable, which is very important when supporting your furry friends!

Best Perch/scratching Post - Super High End

Your cat is master of his domain! This super-cool modular cat tree comes with five blocks in different styles, allowing you to create a custom outlet for kitty’s scratching instincts. 

The blocks are extremely sturdy and durable and are able to hold up to 300 pounds. All you have to do is pick a layout and clip the blocks together for hours of scratching, lounging, and climbing. The set also comes with five bags of catnip, pretty much ensuring your cat takes right to it. 

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