19 Holiday Gifts for Your Cat

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19 Holiday Gifts for Your Cat

After a hard year of snoozing in the sun, enjoying treats and chin scritches, and being your most loyal companion, your kitty deserves a little recognition come the holidays. 

So when you’re making you list—and checking it twice—don’t forget to include Fluffy. If you’re not sure what to get the cat who has everything, take a look at our suggestions!

A Toy For Cats That Wolf Down Their Food

This toy is super cool because not only is it fun for Mittens, it also stops her from inhaling her breakfast kibble each morning. Designed to stimulate a cat’s natural pawing behaviors, the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger keeps your kitty’s mind sharp while ensuring she slows down and enjoys her food.

Some tubes are taller/narrower than others, so she won’t master the toy too quickly. It’s also super easy to take apart and clean, which is a major plus when it comes to cat toys. We know, those things can get scary when they’re dirty!

A Toy/Scratcher Combo

Ok, let’s get personal. My cat, Firefly, is a massive jerk that hates every toy I’ve every given her—EXCEPT this one.

She adores the Turbo Scratcher. She plays with the ball constantly and if I sprinkle catnip on the scratching pad, she will go to town. And the scratching pad can be replaced, so when it inevitably wears out, you can simply pop in a new one!

Petacc Fish Toys

Catnip toys are often a dime a dozen, so when you find ones that are awesomely strange, you gotta add them to Fluffy’s toybox. We love two things about these catnip fish. First, they look super realistic and are weird as hell. Second, they are HUGE, as far as catnip toys go. This means you kitty will be able to get a good hold on them while scratching, chewing, and kicking, helping her get her energy out.

Made from a scratch and bite resistant material, these fish are built to last. They’re also washable, if things get a little too rough and they need sprucing up!

A Cat-friendly Turkey Dinner

We all know that we shouldn’t be feeding our feline friends from the table. We also know that when we’re enjoying a special holiday meal, it’s even harder not to let them in on the fun. 

Luckily, there is a kitty-friendly option that doesn’t pose any dangers to your pets. Temptations Holiday Dinner treats are flavored with turkey and sweet potato, so even if you aren’t sharing food, you and Socks are definitely sharing flavors!

Best Toys for Feline Star Wars Fans

These are the toys you’re looking for! 

Yoda and Chewbacca mouse cat toys are perfect for chasing, chewing, and fetching. And they are unbelievably adorable. Yoda comes with green felt ears and a little robe, and Chewy is super fuzzy and comes with a belt. Let your cat channel the Force while getting her energy out!

A Toy For Cats Who Love To Look At Themselves

What cat wouldn’t want a catnip toy that has his face on it? 

This hand-sewn, custom cat toy is full of stuffing and catnip and is perfect for showing your little fuzzball how special he is. All you have to do is send a photo of your cat, choose a background color, and within two weeks the toy should be on its way. 

A Warm Retreat On Cold Nights

This is the perfect gift for your outdoor kitty. Built to stand up to extreme weather, this outdoor shelter gives cats a place to hunker down and keep warm on cold nights. 

The heated floor pad only takes up half of the shelter’s real estate, which means your cat can choose to sit on or off the warm spot. It’s also easy to clean, and the thermo pad itself is machine washable.   

A Heated Bed You’ll Wish They Made In People Sizes

Oh goodness, this thing looks ridiculously cozy. Made from an orthopedic foam, this bed is obviously super comfy for kitties, but what really takes it over the top is the fact that it heats up! Just plug it in and turn the dial to bring this bed’s temperature anywhere from 10° F to 15°F above room temperature.

We especially love that this bed is great for cats of all ages, from kittens to senior cats.

A Way To Treat Milo Even When You’re Not Home

The Petzi Treat Cam not only lets you keep an eye on your little fuzzball when you’re not at home, it also allows you to continue to interact with him! 

The Petzi connects to both Android and Apple smart devices via an app, and from there you can say “Hi” with a high-quality speaker, dispense treats, or even snap a pic that you can share all over the interwebz. This is a particularly perfect gift for Fluffy if you’re a helicopter cat parent.

A Toy Your Kitty Can Sink Her Teeth Into

Dogs aren’t the only pets that like to chew! Kitties also display chewing behavior on a pretty regular basis. As such, it’s smart to have something on hand that Mittens should be gnawing on. 

Silver vine is a plant that has a similar effect to catnip, meaning there’s a really good chance that your cat will be thrilled to receive these in her stocking!

Fancy New Digs

This is the king of cat towers. With three different levels, several hideaways, a hammock, and no fewer than three scratching posts, the Catville Cat Tower offers any environment your kitty could want. 

This cat tower is great for homes with multiple cats, as there’s a place for everyone to sleep, play, or hide, as the mood strikes them.

A Stocking Full Of Treats

Variety is the spice of life. This pack of nine kitty toys includes plush toys stuffed with catnip, jingly balls, and a sparkly tinsel toy, all sure to grab your cat’s attention. 

Our favorite toy in the bunch is the tiny stuffed Santa, complete with a big, red, cherry nose! 

A Cool, Minimalist Ornament

Why should humans be the only ones who enjoy decorating the tree? 

This cool wire ornament can be customized to include your cat’s name so that she gets the reverence she deserves during this holiday season. Also, we love that this ornament is completely cat-proof, meaning that if your kitty knocks it off the tree, it won’t break, shatter, or otherwise cause issues around the house. 

A Hat For Your Cat

Oh, you may get scratched over this one, but we assure you, it is worth it! 

This hat/muffler combo looks AMAZING on little kitties. It’s soft and cozy, but, as you know, cats may not be into the whole dress-up thing. But just imagine the Instagrams!

A Robotic Laser For High-tech Pets

Oh, you may get scratched over this one, but we assure you, it is worth it! 

This hat/muffler combo looks AMAZING on little kitties. It’s soft and cozy, but, as you know, cats may not be into the whole dress-up thing. But just imagine the Instagrams!

A Plush In Your Cat’s Own Image

While Grump Cat may have RBF for days, there is no denying how cute this little plush is. 

Decked out in a red scarf, Grumpy Cat is ready for the winter weather and warm snuggles with your little fluffball. After all, even the grumpiest cats can be big softies.

A Gift For A Cat Lady And Her Cat

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this kit makes it easy to grow an organic blend of wheat, oats, rye, barley, and flax for your kitties. 

This “cat grass” grows in just 5-7 days and is perfectly safe for your kitty to nibble on—it even has a positive impact on their digestion! The planter itself is an adorable mug in the shape of a cat. This isn’t just a great gift for a cat, it’s also a fantastic option for your friend who is obsessed her cat!

A Toy That Lets You Go Cat Fishing

It’s no secret—cats love chasing feathers on a string. It’s just something that they do. 

This fishing rod is especially fun because it comes with seven interchangeable feathers, ensuring that your kitty doesn’t get bored with just one feather (cats can be jerks that way). It’s also retractable, so when it’s not in use you can stash it in a drawer away from little paws that may run away with it!

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