Canon, Sony, and Nikon Telephoto Lens Review

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Canon, Sony, and Nikon Telephoto Lens Review

When it comes to lunar photos taken with DSLRs, there’s a lot to consider. Ultimately, you want at least a 200mm lens that can handle a reasonably fast shutter speed. Image stabilization is a nice bonus, but can be worked around with a great tripod. These lenses are a comparatively cheap alternative to the heavy duty telephoto lenses that will set you back a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.


The Canon EF 70-300mm lens is compatible with Canon DSLR cameras and has great image stabilization. If that’s too rich for your blood (moon), try a refurbished Canon EF 75-300mm lens that doesn’t have image stabilization.


The Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200MM lens is a reliable telephoto lens with image stabilization.


Sure, Sony DSLRs are adapter friendly and can fit quite a few lenses from different brands, but those pictures will lose some image quality. To stick with the home team, try a Sony 210mm E-mount lens with image stabilization. Sony also has a 55-300mm lens that fits any of their Alpha DSLRs.

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