Calico Critters Town Tram Review

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Calico Critters Town Tram Review

This shiny red tram from the Town series is an adorable addition to the Calico Critters line, which has been going strong since 1985. Like all Calico Critters toys, every intricate detail has been thought through on the Ride Along Tram, from the gold detailing to the fold-open doors to the teeny tiny tickets.

The Ride Along Tram set includes the tram, sign, cab/ticket machine, bench seats, driver hat, and little paper accessories like a map and tickets.  The two included benches can be configured within the tram, or one can attach to the top for a double-decker ride.

Best for ages 6 and up, the tram is simple to set up. Affix the stickers and signage and pop a few pieces together and you're ready to roll the tram to town (the wheels move). Flip the cab (which has the steering wheel) over and it becomes a ticket counter. And if you have the Creamy Gelato Shop set, you can transform the tram into a sweet shop! Just put the fence and awnings on the tram to transform it.

The tram doesn't include any Calico Critter figures, but the Town line has a couple new cuties to collect: Stella Hopscotch Rabbit, Laura Toy Poodle, and Lulu the Silk Cat. Lulu comes in a purple dress fit for a princess — or a fancy city cat! She carries a purse and she's the perfect passenger.

Each of the new girls has a glam job in Town; Lulu is a makeup artist. Help her catch the tram so she isn't late for work! She might be headed to the Grand Department Store, another new offering from the Town line, which features several sophisticated shops.

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