Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Review

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Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Review

Got some money to invest in your food processor in exchange for enough horsepower in its motor to move an electric scooter? Say hello to the Breville Sous Chef.

This premium food processor has a 1200-watt motor, which gives you plenty of force to crush even the toughest veggies (that means you, fresh ginger). If you consider yourself a food processor power-user, this machine is well worth the price of admission. It comes with four discs accessories and three different blades which together give you the precision to turn your food processor into a chopper, a blender, a pastry mixer, and maybe even a rocket ship (consult the user manual).

It has a 16-cup work bowl and a super-wide feeding chute so you never have to pre-chop your vegetables before pushing them through to the slicing disc. Bonus points for preventing a huge mess— the silicone seal at the top of the work bowl prevents liquid from leaking out from under the lid while you’re processing them.

For all of its power and precision, the Breville Sous Chef will run you around $400. That’s why it’s our pick for the Rolls Royce of premium food processors.

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