The Best Electric Kettle If You Love All Types of Tea

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The Best Electric Kettle If You Love All Types of Tea


With five beverage presets—one for green tea, one for black tea, one for oolong, one for white tea, and even one for French Press coffee—this is the perfect kettle for people who want what they want when they want it without having to put in much thought. Just press the button and your water will be the perfect temperature!

Beyond its excellent functionality, the Breville BKE830XL is nice to look at as well. Made from high quality, thermal shock resistant German Schott Glass, you can watch your water boil while enjoying the kettle’s elegant design.

It also has a number of built-in safety features, like automatic shut off and boil dry protection, as well as a soft open lid that releases steam and prevents splashing. The ergonomic handle and 360-degree multi-directional base make it easy to pick up and hold onto no matter what direction you grab it from.

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