Bose Soundlink Wireless Speaker Review

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Bose Soundlink Wireless Speaker Review

Chances are, you already know all about the Bose name. It’s synonymous with high-quality, well-engineered sound. So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Bose SoundLink is a really great speaker—and at $120, is surprisingly affordable. It’s our choice for the best Bose wireless speaker anywhere near this price point.

Sure, it’s pretty boring design-wise—you might mistake it for your cable modem, or a colorful variant thereof. But it’s sound that counts, and there, the Bose SoundLink really delivers. It puts out crisp, full-range audio with just a tiny 5-inch footprint. The Bose Connect companion app, meanwhile, makes it easy to manage all the Bluetooth devices you want your speaker connected to. It’s 8-hour battery is pretty standard.

There’s not much negative to say about the speaker. Sure, you’ll find other Bluetooth speakers available for less money, but they won’t be of Bose quality. And with the Bose SoundLink, we think that small premium is definitely worth it. For Bose-lovers, this speaker is it.

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