Boombotix Boombot Rex Wireless Speaker Review

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Boombotix Boombot Rex Wireless Speaker Review

There are a lot of compelling reasons to check out the ultraportable Boombot REX, our choice for the best clip-on budget wireless speaker. It’s incredibly small—it’s just 3.3 inches wide and weighs 1 ounce—so it won’t weigh you down clipped to your backpack. Small doesn’t mean quiet, though: The Bluetooth-enabled REX can still churn out seriously loud sounds while you’re on the go, maxing out around 90dB.

The $20 price point is fantastic, though it does require you to make a few tradeoffs. It’s only moderately water resistant (IPX5), so while it’s protected from light rain, you don’t want to drop it in the pool. And while it does have good sound quality for the money, we wish it lasted a bit longer than 6 hours per charge.

Still, these are only minor concerns. The bottom line is this: You won’t find a better, more portable speaker at this price. The Boombot REX is a solid budget pick for the active listener.

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