Polk Audio Swimmer Duo Wireless Speaker Review

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Polk Audio Swimmer Duo Wireless Speaker Review

Not every Bluetooth speaker can survive the high humidity and splashes of your bathroom shower.

But that’s what the $50 Polk Boom Swimmer Duo was designed for—just take a look at its rubberized tail, perfect for looping around your shower head pipe. There’s also a suction cup attachment, in case you’d rather stick it on the surrounding tile, instead. No wonder why it’s our choice for the best wireless speaker for your shower!

Its benefits go beyond durability and IPX7 waterproofing, though—it can link up wirelessly with a second Swimmer Duo to provide true stereo sound for up to 8 hours. The speaker has a built-in microphone too. We don’t think you’ll be taking many calls while showering, but the feature definitely comes in handy poolside. Sound quality, while not perfect, is solid. We like the wide range of funky color options, too.

The odd shape of the Polk Swimmer Duo does limit its uses—it’s not really made for tabletop use. But for your shower? There’s no better wireless shower speaker for the money.

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