Bonavita BV-1900TS Drip Coffee Maker Review

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Bonavita BV-1900TS Drip Coffee Maker Review

This is the coffee maker for the coffee drinker who doesn’t want to sacrifice taste in a drip brewer.

This stainless-steel, thermal-carafe model, recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, features a wide, showerhead-style filter basket that maximizes water saturation and ensures even extraction. It’s a one-touch operation, but if you want to get fancy you can engage the optional pre-infusion mode. This mode wets the coffee grounds for 30 seconds before the brewing process starts, which tones down the acidity of your brew. If you prefer your coffee with a bolder taste, we recommend running a regular old dry brew.

The six-pound machine features a powerful, 1,500-watt heater that can heat the water quickly and maintain it at the optimal temperature—another taste-boosting factor. All in all, a simple and direct way to a great cup of drip coffee.

Read the very thorough review of this great tasting coffee maker by our friends at CNET.

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