Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription Review

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Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription Review

Blue Bottle walks the line between a big coffee chain and an artisanal roaster in terms of quality and convenience. They offer the most customization combined with a fast roast and ship rate. Your beans are shipped to you no more than two business days after they’re roasted.

If you don’t know much about coffee, you can take a quick quiz to find your best beans. You’ll also benefit from their recommended coffees for the month. Fall in love with a specific coffee? You can subscribe to it on its individual product page

If you love small batch coffee and know your way around the various coffee-making apparati, tinker away! Choose from blends, single origin, and decaf whole coffee beans or espresso beans.

You can get a half bag (6 oz), full bag (12 oz), double bag (24 oz), or triple bag (36 oz). In addition to the standard weekly, biweekly, and monthly options, Blue Bottle also lets you receive coffee every three weeks. Whatever you choose, you can easily adjust any of the above options from your online account.

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