Black+Decker Performance Food Processor Review

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Black+Decker Performance Food Processor Review

This is a really good food processor for under $100. Mid-range shoppers, this one is for you.

This is a pretty versatile machine. It has three speeds that are easily adjustable from the cleaning-friendly digital control panel. It’s coolest feature by far is that it comes with two interchangeable work bowls: an 11-cup option for large projects and a 4-cup bowl for smaller jobs. That eliminates the need for an additional miniature food processor, saving you valuable cabinet space. The engine is also very strong, especially for the price point.

The stainless steel base on this BLACK+DECKER model is heavy enough to hold the machine in place during even the most stubborn chopping sessions, so you don’t have to stand there and hold your food processor down to prevent it from bouncing around, or worse, taking flight.

If you’re looking for a basic mid-range food processor strong enough to chop basically anything, this is your best bet.

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