15 Genius Ways To Smuggle Booze Anywhere

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15 Genius Ways To Smuggle Booze Anywhere

Most everyone enjoys sipping on cocktails. Less enjoyable, however, are the restrictions and steep price tags that cocktails entail when we’re at a concert, on a cruise, or simply sunning ourselves at the beach.

Luckily, necessity is the mother of invention, and for as long as alcohol consumption has been limited, humans have been coming up with ways to stealthily sneak booze into all sorts of venues. No matter where you’re going, one of the items on this list will ensure you get nice and toasty once you’re there!


Make yourself presentable! 

Able to hold up to 6 oz, this functional hairbrush is a particularly useful flask for events where you’ll have to go through metal detectors. It also comes with a funnel so you don’t spill any of your delicious gin.

Neat, Clean, and Sneakin’ Sips

Perfect for rainy days that require an extra little boost, this umbrella holds up to 9 oz of whiskey, vodka, or whatever you deem necessary to hide in an umbrella. 

Do note, however, that this is not a functional umbrella; it just looks like one. 

A Rainy Day Flask

This iPhone doppleganger holds 4.5 ounces of liquid courage. Just don’t try to answer it when your real phone rings! 

That’ll tip off the booze police really fast.

Hello! Your Drink is Calling!

These sunscreen bottles offer protection from people who may want to swipe your booze. 

These look really authentic, are made from food-grade plastic, and come with a mess-free funnel for easy filling. Each bottle can hold up to 8 oz of your favorite alcohol.

Flask for Sunny Days

Who wouldn’t want to wear their liquor? 

This stylish bangle comes in a rainbow of colors—including the very “in” rose gold—and has a 4 oz capacity. That’s more than two shots!

A Fashionable Secret

Ok, a lot of the flasks on this list are fun and a little wacky, but we really think these ice pack flasks pass muster if you’re trying to take the edge off during your next family picnic or beach day. 

No one will know what’s really inside! 

Ice packs that’ll help you chill out

Ok, we admit that this may be the most conspicuous flask on the list. 

Who carries a camera anymore? It holds 5 oz though!

Picture Perfect Flask

Each flask in this very discreet set of 5 holds 1 oz of booze. If you’re serious about sneaking some extra liquor into a sporting event or concert with tight security, these are the way to go.

No one in polite society will rummage through a lady’s tampons.

Flasks That No One Will Suspect

One way to make wearing a tie more tolerable? Fill it with 8 oz of liquor! 

Hidden at the end of the tie is a bite valve, so wearers can sneak a sip without having to remove a lid or unscrew a cap.

A Flask For Fancy Occasions

Ok, this set is for serious booze smugglers. With two bottles and two tubes that combined hold up to 48 oz, you know you’ll be set for at least a few days if you fill these suckers up. 

They also come with 8 safety seals so it looks like the bottles had never been opened!

Flasks For Longer Trips

Add some libations to any great outdoors activities with this set of boozy binoculars. 

Able to hold up to 8 oz, these are great for camping trips and concerts alike.

A Flask For Boozy Birdwatching

This bitchin’ silver skull-capped cane conceals FIVE glass flasks. 

Just don’t lean on it too heavily.

A Flask That Assists

Caught without a drink? Nevermore! 

Hidden in this copy of The Raven is 8.5 oz glass flask.

A Flask For Readers

This 20-pack of bottle seals are perfect for making your new bottle-shaped flasks look like you just picked them up at the corner store. 

When sneaking booze, it’s important to make it convincing.

Seals To Make It Convincing

Ok, these aren’t flasks in the traditional sense, but we wanted to include them on this list because they are entirely undetectable when packed into checked luggage. 

They are also undetectable by metal detectors and x-ray machines, making them perfect for slipping into your jacket pocket or purse.

Under The Radar Flasks