19 Delicious Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes

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19 Delicious Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! 

If your sweetie loves chocolate and you want to take your gift-giving game to the next level, look no further. We’ve gathered all of the coolest Valentine’s Day chocolates all in one place, making it easy to find the perfect gift for this most lovely of holidays.

Gummies For People Who Love Bubbly

We all know people who love nothing more than poppin’ bottles and sippin on bubbly. 

Sugarfina’s Dark Chocolate Champagne bears are made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne and are absolutely delectable, especially when dipped in Parisian dark chocolate. The packaging is gorgeous too! 

Or Gummies For Bourbon Aficionados

We get it, champagne gummies aren’t for everyone. That’s why we also included Sugarfina’s Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears.

These little fellows are infused with single-barrel Kentucky bourbon, then dipped in a rich dark chocolate. The combination is delicious and will definitely thrill any Valentines that enjoy a glass of bourbon after a hard day.

Hop On The Weird Chocolate Bandwagon

Made of milk chocolate with dark chocolate accents and sitting on a lillypad of white chocolate, this adorable little guy should please fans of all types of cacao and odd mascots! 

You Got Your Chocolate In My Valentine

Peanut butter and chocolate may be THE best food combination to ever grace the human palate. 

This 3 oz chocolate peanut butter heart will really enforce that idea. And we love the cute little bear that graces the top of this treat!

Chocolate For Pop Art Enthusiasts

Oh goodness, these are so delightful. Made from white, milk, and dark chocolate, these chocolates are an absolute work of art. 

Just look at that pineapple! And the fries! We’re dying. 

A Colorful Chocolate Array

Just look at how pretty these are! Godiva’s Patisserie Dessert Truffle box includes truffles inspired by cakes and pastries, including tiramisu, red velvet cake, crème brule, and chocolate soufflé. 

Artsy Chocolate Hearts

This set of six hand-painted chocolate hearts are GORGEOUS. 

Each box even comes with a certificate from the chocolatier that painted them. These are the chocolates to give an artsy significant other!

Insta-Ready Chocolate Heart

These are ridiculously extra, and we love that about them. 

Compartes’ ROSÉ chocolate truffles are filled with rosé wine chocolate ganache and come in a cool geometric heart box. 

Eclectic Chocolates for Eclectic Tastes

We really like that the Chuao Gourmet Chocolate tower comes with chocolate bars and truffles, making it perfect for Valentines who have varied chocolate tastes. 

The box of truffles are Chuao’s Chef’s favorite chocolates, and the bars include everything from Firecracker, which contains popping candy (we at the Guide LOVE this bar) to Orange-A-Go-Go, which has candied oranges and the essence of orange bergamot.

Super Fancy Truffles

Voges Exotic Truffle Collection contains 16 different chocolate truffles very diverse flavors.

Reviewers call this box the “ultimate chocolate experience.”

Chocolate for Tea Lovers

If your sweetie's perfect night involves cuddling under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea, boy do we have the Valentine's Day gift for her (or him)!

The Valerie's Confections Chocolate & Tea Gift Set adds some sweets to that perfect night by pairing chocolates with four types of gourmet tea—Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, Matcha, and Earl Grey.

Chocolate-Covered Cookies

This box of 10 scrumptious chocolate-covered sandwich cookies are absolutely adorable.

Just look at those little hearts! 

Super Luxe and Unique Chocolates

With truffle flavors like tangerine and ancho chile white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate and rosemary-infused caramel in milk chocolate topped with mushroom salt, you know this box is really special. 

And they don’t just taste amazing, each chocolate in the Knipschildt Heart Chocolate box is super unique and beautifully designed.

Millennial Pink Chocolates

Made by one of Britain’s earliest chocolatiers, these truffles have a milk chocolate, butter, and Marc de Champagne center and is finished with a dusting of icing sugar. 

And just look at that color! So pretty.

The Most Over-the-top Chocolate Bar Ever

This chocolate bar has it all! 

Candied blood oranges and bergamot, candied rose petals and hibiscus, white chocolate hearts, and freeze-dried raspberries. It is packed to the brim with deliciousness!

Simple and Sweet

Not everyone is into fancy truffles or crazy flavors. 

For Valentines with a more simple taste, these Dove chocolates are the way to go.

For The Donut Lover

These 12 mini donuts are covered in milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolate and then decorated with amazingly adorable candies and sprinkles. 

They look like they’ll go real nice with a hot cuppa coffee on Valentine’s Day morning! 

A Box Of Very Decadent Chocolate Hearts

These chocolates are just made for Valentine’s Day. Filled with gorgeous chocolate heart truffles, the box an is engraved with “Je T’aime” and givers have the option of writing a personalized gift card to include with their chocolatey gift. 

There are four flavors: white chocolate with a dark ganache center, milk chocolate-covered hazelnut praline, ginger praline covered by white chocolate, and a dark chocolate with a caramel bourbon vanilla center. 

Chocolate Lips, Hearts, And Jewels!

This box is coming in for a kiss! 

Full of vibrant lips, hearts, and jewels made from white, milk, and dark chocolate, Maggie Lousie’s Pucker Up Valentine’s Chocolate is a fantastic assortment for people who want their Valentine to feel really loved.

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