The Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

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The Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

What do you buy a 4 year old boy? A present that satisfies his need to constantly be in motion? Something that appeals to his burgeoning artistic side? Or maybe a game that involves a helmet full of water? 

The answer to all of these things is yes… as you probably suspected. No matter what his developing interests are, we’ve got a gift for that.

Best For The Boy Who Wants To Fly

Your little boy dreams of taking to the skies -- you want to encourage landings and parachutes. This take on the classic parachute toy not only glows in the dark (always awesome) and but also promises to be tangle-free (even more awesome.) 

Meant to last for throw after throw, it’s the perfect way to tire out your little guy as he runs up and down the stairs to send his paratrooper on “just one more” flight.

Best For The Builder Who Loves To Name His Creations

It’s hard to go wrong when you give the gift of magnetic blocks: they spark creativity, they stick together magically (the magnets help, but we prefer to call it magic), and as an added bonus, these blocks from Magbuilder also help kids learn their letters. 

Thanks to the included 26 toxin-free plastic alphabet cards, your boy can build a bus that says “bus,” or a plane that says “plane,” or get the idea. 

Best For The Boy Who Loves To Ride The Rails

This affordable, battery-powered electric train car has an amazing number of bells and whistles: there’s a motion sensor that causes the train to change direction when needed (like if it’s headed towards a wall or mom’s shin), swivel wheels that turn 360 degrees, and it plays train sounds set to music.

 This is the party train, and your boy wants a ride.

Best For The Future Game Show Contestant

Got a boy who gets a kick out of answering, “I’ll take ‘Breakfast Foods That Start With Pancakes,’ Mom,” when you ask what he wants to eat in the morning? 

Then this set of four flashing buzzers will brighten his days and add a little humor to yours. And each makes the sound of either a siren, game-show buzzer, laser, or the word “charge,” so everyone gets their own noise on family game night. 

Best For The Wee NASCAR Fan

Vroom, vroom, y’all. This “lightning fast” remote controlled car is the perfect first speedster for any pint-sized Jeff Gordon. 

It features an easy-to-use remote control, soft antennas, flashing headlights, a roaring engine, and a removable driver in case your boy wants to try out the future-friendly driverless car. This race car also comes with a 30 day warranty in case there’s a crash on the 88th lap.

Best For The Boy With Plots To Hatch

He’s sneaky, but in the most loveable way. 

Your new four-year-old will love being able to plan and scheme with you from the inside of his dirty laundry basket, a place you definitely never told him to stop hiding. These child-sized walkie-talkies have 3 channels, a 2 mile range, and clear voice technology. They even feature a built-in flashlight, which is sure to thrill the giggling laundry hamper nearest you.

Best For The Creative Jokester

Squigz! The toy where you connect your Skooch and Wonkity to your Gobnob with suction! No, seriously. 

An innovative toy that has won multiple awards, Squigz are flexible silicone tubes (both BPA and latex-free) that stick together with suction and pull apart with a pop. They’re perfect for fun, creative building, and make a great bathtime toy as well. So get a Yoink and a Zorbit and go to town! Seriously.

Best For Active Boys In Need Of A New Outlet

It’s not a balance board, it’s not a skateboard, it makes popping noises, and it’s going to give that tireless boy of yours a new way to be active. 

The teeter popper is a simple, wobbly, plastic bucket board with suction cups along the bottom. What does it do? Whatever your boy wants: he can rock in it, roll in it, wear it as a hat, or anything else his busy mind comes up with.

Best for jumping Jacks (and Aidens, and Lorenzos, and Martins…)

You know what little boys love to do? Jump. Man, do they love themselves a good jump. And that’s exactly why they’ll love this foam pogo jumper.

It’s a great pogo stick for the younger set -- it has soft foam handles and a wide foam base so that it’s easier and safer for them to get their jump on. It also lights and up and squeaks with every jump and that’s never not fun. Never. 

Best For The Prankster

You love you son and your son loves you -- that doesn’t mean that both of you wouldn’t mind seeing the other person sabotaged with a face full of water sometimes. Folks, meet water roulette. 

This game from Zing involves a helmet full of water, a spinner, and 8 pegs, one of which keeps the water in the helmet. If you pull the wrong peg, someone will be wet and someone else will be delighted.

Best For Citizens Of Gotham

Legos? Check. Batman? Check. Superman and Lex Luther? Now it’s a party. 

Your Gothamite will use easy-to-build models to create the Batcave, the Batmobile, and Lex Luther’s...whatever that contraption is. He can shoot Superman into the sky with a catapult, coordinate an attack using a grappling gun, a kryptonite pistol, and, of course, a cell phone (very handy). Good luck, citizen. 

Best For Mini Rocket Men

“You mean I get to slam my foot down on something and make a rocket shoot way up in the air?” 

Yes, there’s a reason stomp rockets have been popular for so long. The simple design of the Stomp Rocket Jr allows your little guy to set it up on his own and launch one of the four included foam missiles up to 100 feet in the air.

Best For The Composer

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was so yesterday. Your boy needs instruments from around the world, and he needs 15 songs for them to play in different combinations -- he needs to create. 

Feed his artistic soul with symphony #2 from B toys. He can experiment with all kind of sounds until -- voila -- he finds his masterpiece. As his long-suffering assistant and triangle-player, you’ll be glad to know that batteries are included.

Best For A Birthday Splurge

Who wants a fancy dragon? Just about any four-year-old boy does. And he wants this dragon in particular -- Torch, the Blazin’ Dragon from FurReal Friends. 

Not only is he pretty stinkin’ cute, but he breathes flame-colored mist (followed by a burp, which we’re sure is also adorable). Torch responds to touch with over 50 sound and motion combinations, making him one clever, fluffy dragon. Hiis marshmallow-on-a-stick even changes color, because why the heck wouldn’t it.


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