13 Toys That Even A Two-Year-Old Boy Won’t Say No To

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13 Toys That Even A Two-Year-Old Boy Won’t Say No To

Two-year-old boys are a breed all their own: they’re busy, rebellious, curious, and not yet potty-trained. Most parents would agree, it’s quite the mixture.

Along with all of that craziness, they’re also still learning some of the basics about their world. So, how can you find the right toy that will appeal to these nutjobs while also helping them learn? We’ve done a deep dive around the internet and come up with 14 great options for you.

Best For The Modern Boy To Test Gravity

We’re not sure why two-year-olds like to stack things so much, but if you’re going to have a stack in your house, it might as well be a good-looking stack. 

That’s where Tobbles come in: not only does your boy get to spin, topple, nest, and tilt these dual-textured, weighted spheres, but you get to look at the modern, attractive mix of colors. Not bad for a stack!

Best For Splurging On Your Little Biker

Ybike? Because you appreciate safety, and with your little daredevil you need all the help you can get. 

Ybikes are made specially for two-year-old bikers, with extra wide wheels for better balance and a smoother ride over rough surfaces, and extra height to clear all those obstacles they can’t seem to avoid. They’ve also moved the front wheel forward for a larger turning radius, which means less tipping (and fewer band-aids).

Best For Boys With Trains On The Brain

He can’t drive his own train yet, but he can move these magnetic balls inside one! (Hey, that’s pretty good for a guy who isn’t even potty-trained). 

Using the magic blue pen (which is, thank goodness, attached to the board), he can move the red and blue balls along their tracks to different sections of the train. Helps with hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning -- both of which are very helpful for future conductors.

Best For Rolling Bath Water Off A Duck’s Back

Need to keep your boy entertained long enough to scrub the first layer of dirt off of him? 

The Quack Stack is a collection of duck parts (it sounds worse than it is) that he can take apart, put together, use as a scoop, or pour water over to make the propeller wings spin. With a suction cup base, however, this Wobbly Tub-Dweller (that’s the breed) isn’t going anywhere.

Best For Boys Who Like To Hit Balls With Sticks

If you’ve got a boy who can’t get enough of knocking balls around with sticks, then he’s got to have this T-Ball and Golf set. 

He can practice his short game and his swing at the same time while staying away from the old “tree branch and brother’s head” combo he usually goes for.

Best For The Foreman Of The Sandbox Construction Crew

He has roads to pave and housing to put up in this sandbox, and he needs the tools and staff to do it.

This truck and tracked excavator will help him get the job done, as will the two helmeted construction workers included in the box. There’s a sign, a shovel, and extra bricks -- all he’ll need is a permit from mom and dad.

Best For The Dino-lover

Most young dino-lovers have four favorites: the T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus. 3 Bees & Me understands this and that’s why they’ve put all four together in this fantastic set. 

They also put wheels on them, because why the heck not? And these dinosaurs come without sharp edges, so they only damage they’ll inflict is on each other in your boy’s imaginary dino battles.

Best For The Burgeoning Techie

Face it: they’re going to be showing you how to use your computer before they’re in first grade, anyway, so you might as well get them started down the road to world domination with the VTech Little Apps Tablet. 

They get “their own computer,” you get the satisfaction of knowing it has twelve progressive learning activities, volume control, and automatic shut-off.

Best For Taking A Silly Dog On A Silly Walk

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t love puppies -- it’s impossible to find a kid who doesn’t love puppies who wag their tails and bob their heads as they roll around the house. 

This puppy pull toy can be put in different positions (“sit, wooden dog”) and has rubber-rimmed wheels for a smooth and quiet ride. Add that he’s made of environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic finishes, and you have is a very good dog.

Best For Boys Who Want To Learn Their Letters From Frogs

School -- even preschool -- isn’t always fun. But you know what is? 

Learning the alphabet from talking frogs. Get your two-year-old boy excited about his letters with this electronic activity book that also teaches the basics of rhythm and music. And there are over 40 replayable activities, so he’ll be learning and dancing with these frogs for a long time. What more could a parent want?

Best For Hammering and Giggles

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend a game that involves hitting things with faces on their heads with a mallet...but these are pretty happy faces, so we’re sure it’s okay. 

Melissa & Doug’s wooden pounding bench has a “peekaboo design” that makes some pegs shoot up when others are knocked down, and the pegs are attached to the bench so there’s no risk of losing even one little glutton for punishment.

Best For The Next Lebron Messi

Soccer and basketball are very similar sports -- for example, they both use balls. A lot of kids find themselves falling in love with either ball by foot or ball by hand, so don’t make them choose. 

Instead, give them this 2-in-1 VTech sport center. It makes noises for goals, counts up to ten baskets (that’s two games of Horse), plays over 50 melodies and sounds, and teaches children about shapes and numbers. Enjoy your Soc-ketball.

Best For The Organized Urban Parker

A place for everything and everything in it’s place, right? 

That’s the idea behind this Melissa & Doug set of seven wooden cars and garages. Kids can learn to match by color, size, or number, or they can mix them up and build a virtual city of garages, where cars are in charge and hire people to hose them down and change their oil. But it’s your boy’s garage world to rule as he wishes.

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