The Best Toys and Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

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The Best Toys and Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls
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Whether you call them "terrible" or "terrific," the two's are here and your baby is turning into a little girl. She's learning about all the cool things she can do with her body, her imagination, and her very loud voice. 

Now is the time to encourage that exploration with toys that teach her to share, sing, climb, and count. Below are 15 toys meant to set off a spark in any two-year-old girl, no matter what her interests.


Best Gift For The Girl Who’s Counting Her Pennies

Best Gift For The Girl Who’s Counting Her Pennies

It’s never to early to teach children how to count their purple money. This cash register allows kids to mimic what they see at the store while also teaching them how to sort by color, number, and size. 

There is also, of course, a card slot for the two-year-old who prefers to use debit or credit. Parents can also order it packed in Amazon’s “frustration-free packaging.”


Best For Girls Who Roll With Monsters

Best For Girls Who Roll With Monsters

Bowling has never been this adorable. This set of 6 fuzzy bowling pins will delight the girl who’s aiming for a (monster) killer strike. 

Both the pins and the included ball are plush and soft, which ensures that your hallway will be the most blissfully quiet bowling alley around. She’ll get a kick out of all the sewn-on funny faces and you’ll appreciate packing them away into the included carrying case. Rented shoes not required.


Best For Girls Who Need To Level Up From Pots And Pans

Best For Girls Who Need To Level Up From Pots And Pans

She’s fully explored the sounds of your pots and pans, and now she needs something new. The next level after “Saucepan” is this rainbow xylophone.

In addition to the keyboard there’s a bell, 2 drums, and a pair of drumsticks so she can create all kinds of new music (this is exactly how Sheila E. started out) There’s even a hidden drawer with musical notes for her to follow to popular songs.

Best For The Budding Reader

There are a lot of books out there and this girl is itching to read them. This touch-sensitive book will teach her the ABCs and over 100 words across 12 pages.

A pair of cubs named Cody and Cora guide her through themes like "Your Home" and "The Park,"  so she'll soon be able to read all about the vase on the rug near the sandbox and the ball (you won't believe the plot twist.)

Best For The Paw Patrol Fanatic

Your Paw Patroller will lose her Paw Patrolling mind when she sees this rescue vehicle. The semi-truck unfolds to reveal Ryder and his ATV, and can hold up to six rescue dogs with their vehicles. 

There are even sound effects from the show and a working elevator, which we assumed was to get Ryder to his wine cellar and 15-car garage but actually goes to the upstairs command center. Now go save Adventure Bay!


Best For The Girl Who Thinks There’s No Place Like Home

Best For The Girl Who Thinks There’s No Place Like Home

She’ll be able to set any scene in this three-story dollhouse from Fisher-Price. 

This 21-inch high house comes with a mom, dad, and baby, as well as accessories like a table and chairs. It has everything: a swanky kitchen, an adorable bathroom, a balcony (which should be baby-proofed before a certain plastic baby gets into trouble) -- even a barren attic. She can role-play an endless number of family dramas in this sweet house.


Best For Little Ladies Who Lunch

Best For Little Ladies Who Lunch

Tea parties are a terrific way for kids to learn how to share, take turns, and say, “Bless her heart,” like they mean it. 

This musical tea party set has lots of extras to keep her entertained: it lights up in six different colors, plays seven different songs, mimics the sound of tea being poured and has a shiny mirror under the lid. Three AAA batteries are included so the party can start right away.


Best For The Nighttime Adventurer

Best For The Nighttime Adventurer

Every kid knows that flashlights are cool -- but flashlights that shine different colors and teach them about animals are way, way cooler. 

This VTech flashlight is not only perfect for lighting up the inside of a blanket fort, but has three buttons on the side that play music, teach ABCs, and ask simple questions for a fun, interactive game. Parents will love that it’s solidly built and shuts off automatically.


Best For Preschool Old-school Music Makers

Best For Preschool Old-school Music Makers

Record players may be going the way of the Dodo, but this toy is still around to let you engage in nostalgia while your little girl spins some tunes. 

There are 5 double-sided records to choose from -- all she has to do is wind it up and put the “needle” down to rock out to The Farmer in The Dell or London Bridge. She can dance, and you can reminisce.


Best For The Undecided Artiste

Best For The Undecided Artiste

She likes to create, but not commit -- that’s why this dry-erase activity mat is the answer to your prayers. 

Just put one of 12 different activity sheets under the clear plastic window, hand her the included, washable crayons and erasing cloth, and let her rip. She can fix mistakes and experiment on-the-go thanks to its convenient carrying case and you can enjoy a quiet (ish) ride in the car.

Best For Creating Outside The Lines

Two-year-olds, you'll be surprised to learn, don't like being told what to do. Well, here's an art set that you can let them have their way with. 

They can decorate the provided giraffe or tree frames with doilies, stickers, crayons, and different types of paper (all included). And though it might decrease their desired daily paste intake, these boards have peel-off covers that reveal a sticky surface so no glue is required.


Best For Girls Who Love The Friendly Skies

Best For Girls Who Love The Friendly Skies

If you’ve got a girl who loves to travel, then the Lil’ Movers airplane will be right up her aisle. With three figures and just one suitcase (a fantasy for any family), she can load them up and take to the skies using the easy-carry handle. 

Pushing down on the pilot’s seat will create airplane take-off sounds, and will also play a song called “High and Low” which we assume is about severe turbulence.

Best For The Girl Who Wishes ET Was A Dancer

Listen: we don't know what BeatBelle is, or what it eats, or if or when it sleeps, but we do know it dances and that's enough for us.

But dancing is just the tip of the iceberg, because BeatBelle knows over 40 songs and phrases and has three different modes: Dance & Move, Learning & Games, and Record & Remix (the world awaits the BeatBelle Remix.) Teaches cause and effect and gets girls hopping.


Best For The Multi-sport Two-year-old

Best For The Multi-sport Two-year-old

It’s not just a play tunnel, it’s an Adventure Station y’all! 

This foldable playset comes with three attachable parts: a tunnel for crawling, a tent for whatever kids like to do in tents, and a ball pit with a basketball hoop for working on her jump shot. Made out of breathable mesh, this all-the-fun-in-one set is foldable, easy to set up, and comes with its own zippered carrying bag.


Best For The Lover Of All Things Big-eyed And Fuzzy

Best For The Lover Of All Things Big-eyed And Fuzzy

Kids are nuts for these big-eyed, fuzzy, collectible Beanie Boos.

This slush dog version is small, soft, huggable, and best of all, doesn’t need to be walked. Sure, he doesn’t do much but stare at you, but it’s hard to say no to those sparkly blue eyes. Just try it. We dare you.

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