38 Subscriptions You Can Gift This Holiday Season

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38 Subscriptions You Can Gift This Holiday Season

Who needs a holiday or a birthday to unwrap presents? Though not all subscriptions come in boxes, these kinds of gifts keep on giving. Whether you’re looking for a monthly surprise for someone else or a little something for yourself, you’ll love one of these awesome services.

Best Sock Subscription

If you’re constantly losing socks, a subscription might do you some good. Sock Fancy will send you one, two, or six random pairs of socks each month. They offer men’s and women’s crew socks in their original designs, plus free shipping. Pause or cancel whenever your sock drawer starts overflowing.

Best International Snack Subscription Box

MunchPak is the best snack subscription box that lets you travel around the world via your palate. The snacks tend to reflect popular treats in far flung corners of the world and you can also add a beverage to your box for an additional $5.

As extra touch, each box comes with a cute printed note that is signed by the person who packed your box that month. Snack overload? You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time online.

Best Music Streaming Subscription

Spotify set the tone for the modern music streaming landscape and has the music library to back it up. In addition to relatively high-quality audio (we know Tidal’s is better), Spotify’s ability to connect users with new artists and each other keeps it ahead of the pack. They also offer a family plan that supports up to five accounts for $15. You can always cancel and/or downgrade to the free version through your account.

Most Chef-y Meal Delivery Subscription

Blue Apron achieved its household name status through its dedication to sourcing sustainable ingredients and crafting great recipes. Their meals feature fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers and artisanal purveyors. Chefs bring these precisely portioned elements to life with their easy-to-follow recipes.

Vegetarians can enjoy meatless meal options on the two person plan. All meal plans can be customized to adhere to other dietary restrictions. If you start to miss going to the grocery store, you can easily skip or cancel your subscription online.

Best Classic Movie Streaming Subscription

What happens when Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection team up? A beautiful classic movie streaming service. If you’re a Hulu user wondering where your Criterion Collection movies went, check out FilmStruck. 

They offer curated sections based on genres, directors, film movements, and more, so you can always find something to fit your mood.  You can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel your subscription through your FilmStruck account.

Best Coffee Subscription

Do you want the taste of artisanal coffee with the convenience of a major brand? Blue Bottle offers the most customizable, high-quality coffee subscription at a reasonable price.

You’ll be able to choose how often you get your beans, what kind of roast you want, and there are also espresso and decaf options. Can’t choose? They have a handy quiz to help you unlock your palate. If you get too jittery about this subscription, you can change your frequency, skip or cancel online.

Best Tea Subscription Box that Caters to Your Tastes

Want to change up your tea routine? Sips by wants to send at least 15 cups worth of quali-teas straight to your door. After a quick quiz, you’ll receive four types of tea that match your flavor preferences along with steeping guidelines. Enjoy the perks of free shipping and the flexibility to skip or cancel online.

Best Flower Delivery Subscription

DIY or Statement Arrangements? DIY

When it comes to flower subscriptions, The Bouqs Co. knows what they're doing. Shipping flowers in bud form from farms around the world, The Bouqs offers the most flexibility in bouquet theme and frequency.

This service was designed for subscriptions while other online florists tack on subscription offerings over time, and you can feel that difference at each step. If you want to "say it with flowers" on more than just the special occasions, this service can help you spread the love.

Best Affordable Contact Lens Subscription

Hubble wants to sell you their contacts for $1 a pair and we’re inclined to let them. The lens all have the same base curve and diameter and these one-size-fits-all contacts might not be right for everyone. If you start wearing your glasses more often, you can change how frequently you receive contacts online, but you’ll have to call customer support to cancel.

Best Customizable Meal Delivery Subscription

HelloFresh followed Blue Apron's sustainable path and established partnerships with local farmers throughout the contiguous U.S. They're carving out their own spot in the salted limelight by giving their subscribers more options when it comes to choosing their meals.

On the Classic plan, you can choose from 10 different recipes each week based on their ingredients, difficulty level, cook time, and nutritional information. You can change your delivery date, skip a delivery, or cancel your subscription online.

Best Luxury Candle Subscription

If you’re willing to fork over some more cash for high-quality candle holders and a little customization, try Wickbox. Their team will tailor your candles to match the scent profile you’ll create in a short survey. Your candle will burn for up to 100 hours and look great doing it. Pause or cancel whenever you want through your account.

Best Cord-Cutting Live TV Subscription

No, you don’t need a Playstation to enjoy this service. Though Playstation Vue only has the second most comprehensive channel access, it has the best sports offerings of the streaming services. Vue subscribers can stream live television to most popular devices (sorry Xbox users) and have a cloud-based DVR.

If you’re not a big sports fan, we recommend Hulu with Live TV, offering the most bang for your buck at $40/month. Just want some cable channels for $16 a month? Try the college campus favorite Philo.

Best Beauty Subscription Box

Birchbox is the beauty subscription box that set the tone for all the boxes to follow. They offer the best combination of a comprehensive profile quiz and high quality hair, makeup, and skincare samples. Each month, you get five product samples and can buy full-sized versions of the products on their websites.

Monthly subscribers can cancel or pause their subscription online at anytime.

Best Artisanal Candle Subscription Box

Keep your home smelling fresh and add some ambience with a candle subscription. You can choose from three box options that will give you up to 75 hours of burn time, plus a surprise gift.

The candles are curated to match the seasons, but you can add a note during checkout to avoid certain scents. You can cancel anytime online, but you’ll have to email Vellabox’s speedy customer service team to skip a month.

Best Skincare and Grooming Subscription Box for Men

This offshoot of Birchbox is in a league of its own. Like in its sister box, you get five high-end samples and can buy full-sized versions of products you enjoyed online. You can also skip or cancel at anytime, unless you’re under the 6-month prepaid plan.

Best Black-Owned Razor Subscription Box

Bevel is geared specifically towards men of color, but their shaving products and the skincare products have a natural scent that isn’t overly fruity/floral or musky. They try to solve the problems people of color face with skin irritation when shaving. They also sell their razors individually, which is good news for any women who won’t find use for the brush applicator or priming oil.

With priming oil, shave cream, restoring balm, and blades, Bevel hopes to get rid of those pesky shaving bumps. Subscriptions ship monthly or every other month, and you can pause or cancel by putting a hold on your account.

Best Wine Subscription

Winc, formerly known as Club W, knows there are way too many types of wine to limit you to red or white. After taking a quiz, you can choose from Winc’s dozens of recommended wine selections. The typical box will include four bottles (this is where free shipping kicks in), but you can adjust the amount to your liking. You can cancel or skip with the click of a mouse or over the phone. 

Best Luxury Stationery Subscription Box

If you want to take your stationery to a new level, Cloth & Paper sets the gold standard. Choose from a penspiration box, a stationery box, or a combination box. Based on your choice, you'll receive an assortment of elegant pens, mechanical pencils, and stationery items. You can cancel the subscription through CrateJoy, but refund inquiries should go straight to Cloth & Paper.

Best Oral Care Subscription

Boka offers manual toothbrushes in four colors with charcoal bristles in adult and kids sizes. Each kit comes with a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, and they ship every three months. 

Whether you’re buying for yourself or your kids, the price stays the same. You can also build your own box and get enough toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss for your entire family. Prepay for the year or get billed quarterly if you want the flexibility to cancel.

Best Razor Subscription

Dollar Shave Club sits at the intersection of quality razors, reasonable prices, great shaving accessories, and reliable customer service. Starter kits include some of their shaving supplies and are only $5. They also have an ever-expanding line of skincare and grooming products. Growing out your beard or shaving less often? Skip a month or cancel anytime online.

Best Bath Bomb Subscription

When Lush Cosmetics started to allow users to subscribe to certain products, skincare enthusiasts could hardly contain themselves. Their bath bombs are some of the best in the business, and include a wide selection of vegan options. Subscribe to your faves to in order to receive them every 1–6 months. If you’re ready to go back to boring baths, pause or cancel your subscriptions online.

Best Period Supplies Subscription Box

Make your period something to look forward to with a box from The Period Store. Each box starts with two tea bags, a limited edition art print, pain medication, and a gourmet sweet. You can then add common menstrual products, like tampons, pads, and menstrual cups, from a few major brands for about $5 or more per box.

There’s nothing easy about your period, but you can at least change your shipment frequency or cancel online without breaking a sweat.

Best Underwear Subscription

That’s right, MeUndies is still cranking out ultra-soft, high quality underwear for the masses.

Choose from the Classic (grey and black), Bold (vibrant colors), or Adventurous (exciting prints) designs. Don’t worry, the cost doesn’t change, no matter what style, size, plan, or color you choose. You receive one pair per subscription, but you can add more subscriptions and pause or cancel at any time.

Best Lingerie Subscription

Spice up your boudoir with a monthly influx of lingerie! Adore Me subscribers get a personalized virtual showroom of lingerie sets based on a style quiz and previous selections. As a VIP Member, you’ll get every sixth set of lingerie free. Sexiness doesn’t have a size, so you can also enjoy their comprehensive size range: A–I cup sizes, 30–46 bra sizes, and 0–26 dress sizes.

Got lace coming out of your ears? Skip a box or cancel your subscription before the 6th of the month.

Best Women's Clothing Subscription Box

StitchFix wrote the book on clothing subscriptions and other companies are still taking notes. Offering sizes from 0 to 24W an XS to 3X, they have the widest range of sizes we could find.

A stylist chooses five items for you each month based on your style quiz and past orders. Keep (and pay) for what you love and return the rest in a prepaid envelope. Skip, reschedule, or cancel your box online whenever you start to miss the mall.

Best Men's Clothing Subscription Box

We didn’t forget about you, guys. For high-end recommendations tailored to your style and brand preferences, check out Bombfell. You’ll be emailed your clothing selections (which include Big & Tall options), so you can reject items before they’re shipped.

You only pay for the items you like and can return the rest. If you need to take a break, pause or cancel online.

Best Baby Diaper Subscription Box

Staying on top of everything your kids need can be overwhelming, but you’ll literally be up a certain kind of creek if you forget to buy diapers. My Diaper Box takes this task off your list with their affordable subscriptions to their dermatologically tested diapers.

Whether you just need diapers or if you want to get a diapers and wipes combo, they’ve got you covered. You’ll get more diapers the smaller the size and can receive them on a 1–6 week basis. If you or your kids don’t like the diapers, you can cancel online.

Best Subscription Box for Dog Owners

Show man’s best friend that you really care about them with this canine-friendly subscription box. Each month, you’ll receive a customizable box filled with toys and treats for your pup. For an additional $10, you can get a Power Chewer box that features tough toys for dogs that play a little ruff. You can cancel whenever you want online, but you have to deal with the puppy dog eyes.

Best Stationery Subscription Box for Wanderlusting Writers

If you love stationery, but are into a more rustic aesthetic, Rad and Hungry has the products for you. In each kit, you receive “lo-fi,” everyday office supplies from a particular countries. You can test out a single kit or pre-pay for quarterly, semester, or annual subscriptions. The single kit is a great way to start, since you can’t cancel the prepaid subscriptions. 

Best Electric Toothbrush Subscription

Do you prefer electric toothbrushes, but have trouble remembering when to replace your brush heads? Goby offers a great electric toothbrush that comes with a subscription plan. Every one to three months (you choose), you’ll get a new brush head for $6. 

The toothbrush might not be as stylish as Quip, but it comes in three different colors with an oscillating brush head. Plus, you can choose from a standard and sensitive mode. You can change or cancel your subscription online through your account.

Best Subscription Box for Cat Owners

Have a different kind of furry friend? Get the purrfect amount of toys and treats by choosing between the Happy Cat and Multi-Cat KitNip Boxes. If your cats aren’t into what they’re throwing down, you can cancel your subscription online.

Best Geeky Subscription Box That Isn't Loot Crate

We love LootCrate as much as the next geeky person, but Geek Fuel offers a pretty great alternative. Each month, you’ll receive at least $50 worth of items, from pop culture items to less mainstream pieces.

The random boxes may include anything from toys/action figures and downloadable games to everyday household products. If you want to lower your geek flag (we say let it fly), you can pause or cancel your box.

Best Children's Book Subscription

Many kids latch onto a specific bedtime story, but they still need some variety. LillyPost offers three types of children’s book boxes based on your child’s age. Maybe you just need board books or picture books, but families with kids at different reading levels can benefit from their mixed box. 

Each box ships for free (a treat for you) and includes a few stickers (a treat for them)! You can cancel the subscription when your kids grow out of the books.

Best Audiobook Subscription

There are a few other audiobook companies, but they just can’t match Audible’s library. The Audible app plays nice with iOS, Android, and Windows, plus it’s compatible with Fire and Kindle devices. If you have a NOOK, we recommend trying out Downpour where you can download individual audiobooks.

You’ll get one audiobook per month, plus a discount on any other audiobooks you want to buy. And don’t worry, you’ll always have access to your purchased books even after you cancel online.

Best Subscription for Bookworms

So many great books have been written and more keep coming out every week. If you’re a bookworm who doesn’t know where to start, try Book of the Month. A team of journalists and authors work with a celebrity judge (past judges include Arianna Huffington and Roxane Gay) to choose five fiction and/or non-fiction books each month.

Pick which hardcover book sounds interesting and add others for $10 each. Getting books faster than you can read ‘em? You can skip a month online, but you have to call in or email to cancel. 

Best Adult Coloring Book Subscription

Adulting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Take the edge off by coloring inside the lines with this coloring book subscription. The intricate, indie designs are great for more advanced colorists looking to unwind. Unlike some other subscriptions, you’ll get a bound, 16-page book instead of individual pages. You can cancel online at any time.

Best Contact Lens Subscription for People Without a Vision Plan

If you don’t have a vision plan, Sightbox will have you seeing 20/20. They will book and pay for your optometrist appointment where you’ll get a vision test and contacts fitting.

Already have a prescription? Bring it and choose from many popular contact lens brands. The only downsides are that if you want dailies, your monthly payment skyrockets to $89 and you’re locked into the plan for the year. 

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