The Best Pumpkin Carving Tools and Kits for Halloween 2017

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The Best Pumpkin Carving Tools and Kits for Halloween 2017
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Best Tools for Cutting

Ok, we know that these don’t look very exciting, but they are the precision tools you need to make exact cuts in an intricate jack o’lantern design. 

The kit includes one handle with interchangeable blades. Reviewers say this tool kit is easy to handle, built to last, “cuts through pumpkins like butter,” and facilitates even the most complicated carving designs. And, if you need some inspiration, check out the customer images!

Best Tools for Peeling/Shaping

Calling it pumpkin “carving” can be a bit deceiving. If you’re going for a really intricate design, you’re going to have to some peeling and shaping as well. 

This kit is built exactly for that, with five tools that do everything from peeling rinds to making teeny, tiny nicks that only let so much light come through. Reviewers into making 3D pumpkin sculptures say these tools are absolutely worth the investment. Again, if you want to really see what they can do, take a look at the customer images.

Best Tools Not Really Meant for Pumpkins

Now our pumpkin carving is REALLY getting detailed. 

While this pottery sculpting kit isn’t exactly for pumpkins, it includes 21 different tools that can be used to take your pumpkin carving game to the next level. The minute differences in the tools allows for working and deeper and shallower depths, so the exact right amount of light shines through.

A Scoop For Even Enormous Pumpkins

So once you’ve cut the top off of your pumpkin, you have to remove all of the guts! 

This giant scoop is WAY better than using a kitchen spoon or your hands. It has a serrated edge for scraping the inside the pumpkin, ensuring a clean finish every time. Reviewers love this scoop so much that many of them don’t just us it on pumpkins, but also when scooping out all kinds of squash and even watermelons.

Best Tool for People Who Hate Getting Their Hands Dirty

Ok, this thing is super cool. You grab your regular, old electric drill, put the tool where the drill bit usually goes, and let her rip into the inside of your pumpkin! 

It quickly and easily removes seeds and strings and can even be used to thin out the pumpkin walls for professional carving. This tool is made from stainless steel and it’s dishwasher safe, so you can use it for years and years. It also doesn’t damage pumpkin seeds, so if your second favorite part of pumpkin season is snacking on roasted seeds, this tool is perfect for you. 

Pumpkins Guaranteed to Look Good

Sometimes we need a little inspiration before we can get to carving. 

This stencil book includes 10 different stencils, helping create spooky, fun, and silly jack o’lanterns. The author’s favorite stencil out of the bunch: The stegosaurus!

A Pumpkin You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Not gonna lie, these teeth turn any pumpkin into the scariest Halloween decoration you’ve ever seen! 

Just carve out a hole for the mouth and add as many spiky teeth as you desire to have trick-or-treaters run screaming from your front porch!

A Pumpkin Decorating Kit For People Who Aren’t Into Carving

Not every Halloween-obsessed ghoul and goblin is into the mess and detail-driven work that goes into pumpkin carving—that’s why there are kits like this one. 

Instead of carving, get your Halloween on with a decoupage kit that lets you personalize your gourds without the mess.

A Pumpkin With Bling

This is a great kit for people who want to add some sparkle to their Halloween decorations. 

Just add a coat of paint to make the jeweled decal really pop!

A Pumpkin That Has a Spooky Surprise Inside

For people who want to carve a pumpkin but aren’t into the really intricate designs, this kit includes toy skeletons, a light, and dungeon bars to keep those suckers from escaping!

 It even comes with a saw and a scoop, so you have everything you need except the pumpkin.

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