Stop and Click the Roses at These Online Florists

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By | Updated February 15, 2018
Stop and Click the Roses at These Online Florists

One of the best ways to show someone you care is to send a bouquet of flowers. Clicking around online, you’ll find fields full of delivery services. Most of the established brands rely on local florists and wholesalers, so they don’t always have the freshest flowers or the ones you wanted.

A new breed of flower delivery services place an emphasis on shipping the freshest flowers possible, whether they’re straight from the farm or arranged by a florist. Flowers from the farms are shipped in bud form and require the recipient to arrange the bouquet. They get to enjoy the flowers longer, but the bouquet reveal is less dramatic upon arrival.

If you do want to make a statement on delivery, some of these new services ship blooming flowers in a variety of curated arrangements. They impress on arrival, but the “wow” factor comes at the cost of shelf life when compared to DIY bouquets.

Whether the recipient will enjoy a DIY arrangement or prefers pre-made bouquets that make a statement, we have the best flower delivery services to knock their socks off.

Best Fresh Flower Delivery Service You Already Know

DIY or Statement Arrangements? DIY  

ProFlowers is often mentioned in the same breath as mainstays like 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora. This flower delivery giant sets itself apart from other big names by shipping flowers straight from the farm.

ProFlowers lets you choose from a few popular flower varieties and tons of sweet extras to create the perfect gift. Unlike most of our picks, shipping and handling will cost you extra, but they offer some of the most affordable bouquets.

Best Curated, Rustic Bouquets with Extras They’ll Actually Love

DIY or Statement Arrangements? Statement

BloomThat creates garden-themed bouquets in a similar style as Farmgirl Flowers, but they’re non-floral items gave them a little boost. In addition to rustic vase options, you can add onto their bouquets with cool extras like a candle or a mini piñata. They’re wrapped in burlap for the shipping journey, adding to the artisanal look.

Best Premium Bouquets for Trendsetters

DIY or Statement Arrangements? Statement

UrbanStems has steadily grown as an online florist over the past couple of years. What was once a small operation in Washington D.C. now ships to the 48 contiguous states and has a partnership with Vogue. Every season, a few Vogue editors help UrbanStems’ florists curate luxurious bouquets with stylish vases to match. These bouquets are Instagram-ready right out of the box!

Best Premium Service for People Who Love Roses

DIY or Statement Arrangements? Both

Your loved ones will have to arrange the flowers themselves, but, unlike other DIY options, these roses are designed to make a striking first impression. Roseshire beautifully packs roses into specialty boxes that can display a personal picture or Disney characters on the inside of the lid. Each stem has its own water vial to nourish the roses, and each bouquet comes with wax-sealed card. If you’re trying to make a big statement, order a dozen. Or 10 dozen (we’re not kidding; they’ll do it).

Best Flower Delivery Subscription

DIY or Statement Arrangements? DIY

When it comes to flower subscriptions, The Bouqs Co. knows what they're doing. Shipping flowers in bud form from farms around the world, The Bouqs offers the most flexibility in bouquet theme and frequency.

This service was designed for subscriptions while other online florists tack on subscription offerings over time, and you can feel that difference at each step. If you want to "say it with flowers" on more than just the special occasions, this service can help you spread the love.

Best Tropical Flowers and Leis

DIY or Statement Arrangements? DIY

If you’re looking for a bouquet with a strong island vibe, check out Blooms of Hawaii. You can order flowers by the stem, choose from their arrangement selection, or order leis for your next luau. The flowers are cut fresh daily, but can take a couple of days to reach the East Coast.

Best Plant Gifts for People with Green Thumbs

DIY or Statement Arrangements? N/A

If you would rather send something that’s alive, The Sill has dozens of plants to choose from. You can play it safe with beginner plants or go bit bigger for your gardening-inclined friends and family. The plants come with a standard plastic planter, but you can upgrade to nicer, ceramic options. 

Best Succulent Gifts

DIY or Statement Arrangements? N/A

Succulents are so hot right now. Luckily, they can handle the heat. Whether you choose an individual plant or a succulent garden, you’ll know you’re sending a virtually indestructible plant in an eco-friendly planter. You get to add some low-maintenance greenery to someone’s life that will last much longer than a week.

Update 02/14/2018: Flower Muse was temporarily removed from this guide due to technical difficulties on their site that have disabled their ability to take orders.

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