4 Inflatable Pools That Make a Splash

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4 Inflatable Pools That Make a Splash

Beat the heat with an inflatable pool this summer. An inflatable or frame-supported option is a great choice if you can't have a pricey in-ground pool.

No matter the pool's size, kids and adults alike will love splashing and swimming around. The price is right on these picks, and you can pack up and put it away whenever you need your yard back (or when it starts to get chilly).

Check out our picks for the best inflatable pools available online. We feel refreshed just looking at these photos. Don't forget the floaties!


Best Small Inflatable Pool for Adults

Best Small Inflatable Pool for Adults

This classic round Intex pool is a great choice for smaller spaces. With a 10 ft diameter and 30 inch height, it's definitely big enough for kids to swim around (it's billed as a four-person capacity), but small enough that it's manageable (and affordable) for parents.

As its name implies, the Easy Set pool is simple to assemble. It comes with a 110–120v cartridge filter pump that includes Hydro Aeration Technology, which aids water circulation. A great option for chilling out in the summer heat!


Most Fun Kiddie Pool

Most Fun Kiddie Pool

Kids will go nuts for these adorable 5 ft inflatable Big Mouth pools. Choose from a frosted donut, cheeseburger, or watermelon pool. These colorful splash pads make great party attractions, or photo ops!

The vinyl pool is 63" x 58" x 15 1/2" when inflated and best for ages 2 and up. The Big Mouth Lil Pool holds 172 gallons of water — enough H2O to keep the kids busy for hours. A word to the wise: keep your pets away or their claws may pop this pool.


Most Exciting Kids’ Inflatable

Most Exciting Kids’ Inflatable

This shark-themed water slide from Intex comes with two inflatable "surf riders" so kids can ride down the incline and splash out at the end. It's like a slip-n-slide and a regular slide combined, so no need to run and get a head start! Plus, kids love playing in the small pool at the end of the slide. It's a great spot to cool down.

The dimensions are 15'1'' x 5'6'' x 5'2'' so it would even fit in a smaller, narrow yard. Inflate (pump not included) and then attach your garden hose and this bad boy is ready for hours of fun.


Best Pool That Fits the Whole Family

Best Pool That Fits the Whole Family
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Inflatable pools can only be so big and they aren't known for being particularly deep. But you don't have to go full frame to experience the joys of a frame-supported pool!

Intex has a wide variety of sizes available for their quality Prism Frame Pools, so you can find something to suit the shape of your space. Smaller sizes are now available, like 15 ft and 24 ft round pools. We love the 16 ft x 8 ft rectangular pool for its classic feel.

It takes just three easy steps to set up: lay out the liner on flat ground, assemble the frame, and fill 'er up! The pool set includes a ground cloth, ladder, debris cover, and 110–120 Volt Cartridge Filter Pump. At 90% capacity, the pool holds 2,873 gallons. Prism Frame pools feature Hydro Aeration Technology, which increases air content to boost the filter's cleaning ability.

The fun doesn't have to stop when the cooler nights hit! Check out some inflatable hot tubs that are easy on the eyes and even easier to store.

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