The Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls in 2017

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The Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls in 2017

Your little girl is turning four, and boy, does she have a lot of things to do. 

She has a lot to say, a lot to think, and a whole lot to play. You need a gift for your active girl, or your artistic girl, or your engineering girl, and we're here to help edit down your options to the best of the best. Below is a list of the best toys out there for all those lively, curious, busy little girls turning 4.

Best Gift for a Little Princess

As your toddler becomes a little girl, she will love having her own private, hidden place to play. 

Amp up her imagination by giving her this castle play tent with a roll up door and mesh windows through which she can survey her kingdom. If she wants to rule outdoors, the tent comes with four stakes to keep it grounded. And since governing is a 24-hour job, it lights up with glow-in-the-dark stars at night.

It’s time to save the world -- lady-style.

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest movies of the summer, primarily because it features a kick-butt woman kicking butt, and kick-butt women everywhere enjoy that. So do their sons and daughters, as it turns out, which is why this tricked out Wonder Woman figure will be on every kid’s wish list.

Complete with energy field, lasso, sword, and an extra pair of hands to hold the lasso and sword (important when butt-kicking), this 12-inch figurine also has 10 different points of articulation -- perfect for getting into position to save the world.

Best Gift for the Young Rocker

Your musical gal needs a guitar to strum on -- why not make it the cutest guitar that ever guitar-ed? 

This 25-inch-long, child-sized guitar is not only a beautiful white with confetti-colored polka dots, but it has real metal strings, tuning knobs, and frets. She’ll be able to shred on a real instrument that also has a paint job that’ll make her smile.

Best Gift for the Future Golfer

Encourage those developing motor skills with a little backyard putt putt. 

The Easy Hit Golf Set has 2 kid-sized clubs, a plastic rolling cart, 3 oversize golf balls, and a putting hole -- all you need to bring are your whispered commentary and your golf claps. And since they’re made to be extra durable, she can hack away as she tries to shoot under par.

Best Game for the Hatchimal Lover

Remember Hatchimals, the must-have toy of last holiday season? Yeah, you do.

Well, now your kids can build on their shell-shredding obsession with the Hatchimals game. The game comes with four Hatchimals (including one “mystery egg,” which sounds terrible to adults but very exciting to children) and the goal is to move around the game board in Hatchimal world and get each species to its particular nest. Animals! Eggs! Mysteries! Hurray!

Best Gift for the Little Skater

Hang your disco ball and start playing “Brickhouse” on the iPod, because your girl is going to learn how to roller skate. 

These Grow With Me skates start at level one with locked wheels, then move to level two where the wheels can only move forward, and then level three where she can move forward, backwards, and go off some sweet jumps. The skate sizes can also be adjusted to work with her growing feet.

Best Gift for the Cuddler

Build-A-Bear workshops are a homing beacon for children. Can you imagine how exciting it would be (for your kids) to have one in your house?

Did you know that there are Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Stations that you can buy in stores (for your kids)? And that each set will make two bears (for you and your kids), and also comes with outfits and birth certificates? Did you? We did. And it’s awesome.

Best Gift for the Board Gamer

It’s a new world, and in this new world four-year-olds learn computer programming. 

The multi-award winning game Robot Turtles teaches kids the basics of programming by having them move their turtles around a game board using Coding Cards until they collect a jewel. As kids get better the game gets harder, and parents weep the tears of the vanquished. Remember: the children are our future, teach them Robot Turtles and let them lead the way.

Best Gift for the Future Artist

What do four-year-olds like? Play-Doh. What else do they like? Super crazy hair. Enter the Play-Doh Crazy Cuts set. Now, your girl can try out her styling skills on someone other than the family dog.

With 3 characters and 6 colors, she can crank out all kinds of fascinating combos and then style them with included accessory tools. She can even make ponytails and mohawks, which she already knows are rather fetching on Basset Hounds.

Hatch a sequined surprise

The latest toy with an element of surprise, the Rainbocorn — recommended for age 3 and up — combines multiple trends: unicorns, sequins, hatching eggs, squishy toys, big glittery eyes, and collectibles! 

The large egg features a unicorn horn and a sequined patch that reveals a design when stroked. Crack open the plastic container to discover which stuffed Rainbocorn you have!

Best Gift For the Bingo Lover

Zingo is an almost-perfect game for kids this age: it uses simple words and pictures, there’s little to no skill involved, and yelling is an option.

It’s got all the adrenaline you expect from a game of Bingo, with the added pep that comes from trying to grab the game chip that matches a spot on your board before your opponent does. Includes two different difficulty levels -- one on each side of the cards.

Best Gift For The Crafter Kid

Sometimes, you want to come up with crafts for your daughter. 

Other times, you want a big box of crafts to come to them. Alex Toys’ My Giant Busy Box includes 16 different craft projects and has every supply you’ll need right in the box -- even the glue stick. She’ll get to make projects like dough animals and paper bag puppets using visual, easy-to-follow instructions. A Parent’s Choice Approved Award winner!

Best For Active Boys In Need Of A New Outlet

It’s not a balance board, it’s not a skateboard, it makes popping noises, and it’s going to give that tireless boy of yours a new way to be active. 

The teeter popper is a simple, wobbly, plastic bucket board with suction cups along the bottom. What does it do? Whatever your boy wants: he can rock in it, roll in it, wear it as a hat, or anything else his busy mind comes up with.

Best Gift For the House Player

This Fisher Price dollhouse has been popular for years, and for good reason: there are over 50 sounds, songs, and phrases for your child to discover. 

She can ring the doorbell, wake up one of the three included figures with a ringing alarm clock, or flush the toilet -- something that will never, ever not be hilarious. She can even close it up and carry it by its handle for a change of scenery.

Best Gift for the Foam Lover

Kids love toys that look like they’re going to make a mess, parents really, really love ones that don’t. 

Playfoam is a miracle product that kids love to squish and pull and shape, but that won’t dry out or stick to your carpet. The eight-pack from Educational Insights will allow girls to create any kind of squishy, rainbow-colored creature they want before pounding it flat and starting again. 

Best Gift For the STEM Girl

This STEM-friendly toy has both flowers and a drill -- perfect for today’s renaissance girl. 

She’ll have hours of fun drilling different patterns onto her flower-shaped board, either by using her imagination with the 60 bolts and 6 designer plates or by following the 12 patterns in the included guide. Best of all, it all folds up into its own carrying case when she finishes her latest build.

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