The Best Food Storage and Meal Prep Containers

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The Best Food Storage and Meal Prep Containers

Most of us have encountered situations where our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Even if our meals are delicious, we could wind up staring at a big pot of extra pasta or a cut of tender, juicy steak that will almost certainly make you fall into a coma if you tried to finish it. Or, perhaps you like to prep your meals for the week in advance, how can you be sure that your Friday lunch is still fresh and tasty when you finally get to it?

Luckily, there are containers that keep these delectable items fresh until you're ready to tuck in. But not all containers are created equal. Some work MUCH better than others to keep your tasty treats appetizing for an extended period of time. So we narrowed that list down for you. Below are six storage containers that do their jobs and do them very well. You just have to figure out which one is best for your needs!

Best Food Storage Containers

These are some of the top-rated containers on the market. This 18-piece set (nine containers and nine lids) is made of silica, soda ash, limestone, and other natural components. 

These containers fare well in the oven, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher, and are BPA-free and completely recyclable. Additionally the set has multiple sizes of containers and the clear material makes it easy to see what you’ve got stashed in the fridge.

Best Meal Prep Containers

Do you spend your Sundays prepping your meals for the rest of the week? Then these are the containers for you. 

Prep Natural’s Glass Meal Prep Food Storage Containers have three compartments for a combination of precise portion control and long-term storage. They are microwave, oven, and freezer safe, meaning they can store just about anything for as long as you need them to.

Best Budget Containers

For people who aren’t adverse to plastic containers–and I count myself in that camp—Rubbermaid’s 42-piece Easy Find Lids offers one of the most comprehensive container sets. 

The lids and containers snap together, making it more difficult to lose one or the other. The containers are sized to fit everything from 7 cups to half a cup of leftovers, making them ideal for people who are looking for a flexible container set with lots of options. They’re also dishwasher, fridge, freezer, and microwave safe and BPA-free.

Best Super Budget Containers

These food containers are so budget friendly you can leave them behind! 

At only $10 for a 40-piece set (that’s 20 containers and 20 lids), these are the perfect containers for dropping off food to someone who has a new baby, bringing to the bake sale, or sharing that new dish you were dying to try out. And, for the price, they’re pretty durable as well. They’re freezer and microwave safe, top-rack dishwasher safe, and BPA-free.

Best Reusable Baggies

We weren’t just going to give you rigid containers! 

These reusable silicone food preservation bags are great for all kinds of food storage. The bags can be hermetically sealed, meaning they simply do not spill, even when storing liquids. They’re BPA-free and can be used in the freezer, refrigerator, and microwave. You can even use them to sous vide! They are also dishwasher safe and completely recyclable.

Best Way To Store Food

Can't quite finish that guacamole but don't feel like hunting down a container to store it in?

Instead, just seal it up in the bowl you were snacking out of with Orblue's silicone stretch lids. These lids are an eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap and are BPA-free, non-toxic, and completely food safe. They come in a set of six, so almost any size or shaped container can be covered and sealed in about five seconds flat!

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