The Best Dog Water Bottles For Hiking & Everyday Use

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The Best Dog Water Bottles For Hiking & Everyday Use

When you're out on a hike with your beloved doggo, ensuring you both stay hydrated is key to enjoying your jaunt in the great outdoors. Carrying a water bottle not only for yourself, but also for Fido, has become the norm.

There are lots and lots of water bottles out there for dogs, but some are better than others. We combed the reviews and tested a few. Here are the ones that we found to be best.


Best Dog Water Bottle

Best Dog Water Bottle

Ok, we love this bottle for a few reasons. First, it comes with its own built-in water filtration system, which absorbs impurities and removes residual chlorine. So even if you have to fill this bottle from a public water fountain or even your garden hose, you know that your pup is getting a clean, tasty drink.

We also love that the bottle locks to prevent leaks. That way, the 14 oz of water that you're carrying doesn't go anywhere unless you want it to. All you have to do is flip a switch, and water will pour from the bottle into the 'bowl' for your dog to start drinking. And, speaking of the bowl, it's designed specifically for doggie tongues, ensuring they can lap up water easily and without spillage.

The PetKit Eversweet comes in five colors and is beloved by reviewers.


Our Second Choice

Our Second Choice

While we love the PetKit Eversweet, we totally understand that some people are wary of plastics. That's why we've included the PupFlask on this list. Made from lightweight stainless steel, the 24-oz bottle comes with a pop-out silicone drinking cup that lets you dog have a drink no matter where you may be.

We like that it has a clip, so you can attach it to your backpack if you're on the move. It's also dishwasher safe, which is a major plus when it comes to any water bottle, whether it be for humans or doggos.

Additionally, we like that the silicone top can pop off the bottle and be attached to even LARGER bottles, in case you have a particularly thirsty pup.


Best for When You’re Short-Handed

Best for When You’re Short-Handed

While many of the dog water bottles out there claim to only require the use of one hand, small-handed humans may disagree, except in the case of the Highwave AutoDogMug. This soft, USA-made 20-oz bottle only requires a squeeze for water to flood the attached bowl. Even cooler, if your dog doesn't finish all of her water, it will release back into the bottle, eliminating waste.

It's designed to fit in standard cup holders, which is a plus if you and your doggie have to drive to your favorite hiking spot. It also has a clip that allows for easy attachment to backpacks or around your wrist.

We do need to note, however, that Amazon reviewers have complained about receiving knock-off Highwaves that are leaky, smelly, and are overall of much poorer quality than the real deal.  That is why we recommend that you purchase from Walmart, Chewy, or even from the Highwave website. 


Best Bottle That You and Your Dog Can Share

Best Bottle That You and Your Dog Can Share

No! Not like that! The OllyDog has a completely detachable bowl, so you can pour in a drink for your dog, and still take a swig from the bottle yourself. It's made from BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe, which is always a boon.
Unlike the other bottles on this list, you don't have to hold this one for your dog to take a drink, which could be a plus, depending on your situation. Once your dog is done drinking, you just pick up the bowl and snap it right back onto the bottle. A few reviewers have noted, however, that since the bottle and the bowl are so light, excitable dogs might knock over their drinks before they get their fill.

It comes in four colors and two sizes, 20 oz and a full liter (about 33 oz).


Best for Small Doggies

Best for Small Doggies

We get it, not everyone has a big Pittie or Lab that needs lots of water, and those bottles can get heavy! Enter the Kong H2O. This little guy holds 9.5 oz and is recommended for small dogs and puppies, who might need a quick drink.

The bottle is designed to fit in car cup holders and is made of stainless steel. The lid is designed to serve as the perfect water dish, and comes in a rainbow of colors. There's also a carabiner clip that lets you hook this little bottle onto your bag, if needed.

Reviewers love how portable this bottle is, and note that if your dog doesn't finish her drink, you can just pour the water back into the bottle.

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