The Best Dog Beds for All Types of Dogs in 2018

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The Best Dog Beds for All Types of Dogs in 2018

Providing a place for Fido to rest his fuzzy head is key to providing him with a comfy and happy home. However, like people, not all doggos want the same experience when they lay down for a nap. 

Some beds are too hard, some are too soft, but eventually, pet owners will find the one that’s just right for their little woofer. But with so many out there, how can you start to narrow down your list? Look no further, we’ve found some of the top options in every category!

The Best Dog Bed for Hot Days

This is the bed your pup needs for lounging outside during the sweltering dog days of summer. The off-the-ground design allows for airflow on all sides, keeping dogs cool even when the weather is very warm. 

The frame is made from powder-coated steel, making it nice and sturdy for even heavier pups, and the fabric is breathable and easy to clean—all you have to do is spray it with the hose! .

The Best High-end Dog Bed for Big Dogs

Specially designed for large animals, this orthopedic foam bed is great for big dogs, regardless of age. The beds are made from 7 inches of therapeutic foam, meaning that Beethoven will be fully supported and won’t sink into the bed. 

We know these beds are a bit of an investment, but they are guaranteed to maintain 90 percent of their original shape for 10 years. It’s also the highest-rated bed on our list, with nearly 2,800 Amazon reviews and a 4.9-star (!!!) rating.

The Best Budget Dog Bed for Big Dogs

We totally understand if you aren’t willing to throw down almost $300 for a doggie bed. For that reason, we’re offering this budget alternative orthopedic bed for big doggos. 

This 4-inch orthopedic memory foam bed contours to your dog’s body for both comfort and support. If Spot has joint issues, this is definitely a good option.

The Best Dog Bed for Small Dogs

Do they make this bed in human size? It just looks so cozy! 

The OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is super-soft and cuddly and is designed for comfort. Its high-sides make pets feel secure and the bottom of the bed is made of a durable nylon that resists dirt and moisture. Additionally, it’s safe to toss in the washing machine.

The Best Dog Bed for Pups That Love to Burrow

Ideal for dogs that love to burrow into blankets and hide under pillows, the Snoozer Cozy Cave provides a safe and comfy sleeping spot. 

The inside of the cave is lined with Sherpa fabric, while the outside is composed of microsuede. Additionally, the Cozy Cave’s cover is machine washable, so messes aren’t a problem.

The Best Travel Dog Bed

This simple bed is a comfy spot for your dog to catch some zzz’s and relax if you’re on the go. The top of this bed is made of a soft microfiber, while the bottom is made of durable nylon. 

It’s machine washable and features extra stitching to prevent filling from shifting. It also comes with a 9x15 inch nylon stuff sack for easy travel.

The Best Dog Bed for Your Car

If your dog is lucky enough to accompany you on lots and lots of car trips, you definitely want a place for him to snuggle in your car. 

This Bucket Booster Pet Seat includes a clasp to attach to your doggo’s harness for optimal safety and has a comfy 3-inch cushion at the bottom of long car ride naps, a.k.a., the BEST naps.

The Best Super-Budget Dog Bed

Sometimes, simple and inexpensive is just what the doctor ordered. 

The Ombre Swirl Dog Bed is made with synthetic fur and has a no-skid bottom, so the bed doesn’t move all over when your pup lies down. It’s also machine washable, which means there’s no need to stress if it gets a little grungy. This bed is available in a number of sizes and three colors.

The Best Waterproof Dog Bed

Dog parents know that their adorable little fluffers are not exactly accident-proof. If you’re one of those people who wants to invest in a dog bed, but doesn’t want to risk ruining it at the first sign of an oopsie, this is the one to go with. 

This bed is made from 5” supportive, gel-enhanced memory foam with a fully washable waterproof encasement. The encasements come in a wide variety of colors and prints, making it easy to find one that matches your decor or adds a pop of brightness to your space.

The Best Dog Bed for Super-picky Dogs

Do you have one of those mercurial puppies that turns up her nose at treats, toys, and blankets if they’re not exactly right? If so, buying that dog a bed can be nerve wracking. 

Luckily, Casper—yes that company that makes mattresses—has a dog bed with a 100-night trial. If your dog isn’t enjoying the bed after 100 nights, just send it back for a full refund. Yes you heard that right!

The Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew Through Everything

Do you have a dog that destroys everything below knee level? If so, we’ve got the bed for you. 

The K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot is virtually indestructible, capable of resisting 99 percent of chewers. The bed sling is made from ripstop ballistic nylon, which is easily washed with a garden hose, while the frame is 100 percent aluminum.

The Best Floating Dog Bed

There is no reason for Fido feel left out! 

This float is very buoyant, so your best friend can float alongside you in the pool, safely. It’s made of a vinyl-coated, puncture-resistant mesh that won’t stain, fade, or mildew. This float is perfect for hot days, during which the damp float will keep your pet cool.

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