Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Make Yourself

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Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Make Yourself

Now more than ever, people are concerned about what goes into their bodies, and therefore, into their food. As a result, DIY grocery store staples like cheese, hot sauce, and even dog treats, are becoming more and more widespread. So do you want to take control of your menu? 

Whether you need to know every last ingredient in your yogurt or want to make you barbecue sauce a little spicier than what’s available in stores, this list shows all the ways you can start from scratch—like really, scratch—when making breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Best DIY Cheese Kit

I know, most millennial women have said some variation of this sentence, but I mean it. 

I am obsessed with cheese. When I learned that I could make my own, I was very into it. I started small with this mini DIY Farmer’s Cheese Kit, which made the entire process super easy and resulted in some delicious eats. All you need is some milk and you are good to start cheese making!

Best DIY Bacon Kit

Who doesn’t love a good rasher of bacon?

This DIY bacon kit allows you to cure your own bacon in about a week, so it’s really for for bacon-thusiasts with a bit of patience. Just grab a nice bit of pork belly, rub in the spices to create a ready-to-slice slab of homemade maple bacon.

Best DIY Flavored Liquor Kit

Are you an aspiring mixologist looking to create the next Cosmopolitan or Moscow Mule? Or are you just someone who wishes it’d be easier to find a lavender-flavored vodka? Look no further! 

This spirit infusion kit has everything bartenders need when conceiving of their next signature cocktail. It even comes with a recipe book for when you need a little bit of inspiration!

Best DIY Yogurt Maker

Did you know that you could make yogurt at home? And that it’s ridiculously easy? 

The Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker comes with seven 6 oz glass containers for making up to seven different types of yogurt—one for every day of the week! Flavor your yogurt however you’d like, so if you want to go crazy, today is your day.

*Yogurt requires live cultures to cook properly. If you don’t have any on hand, give this one a try.

Best for Making Kombucha at Home

If you find yourself enjoying the kombucha culture (pun intended), you might be interested in brewing your own batch. We're all for that, and suggest this organic brewing kit to get you started. The SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) was grown using purified ingredients and should last you for many, many brew cycle.

The best part of making your own kombucha is that you can add new ingredients and experiment with different flavors you might not find in commercial products. So be inspired and make the exact kombucha you want to drink!

Best DIY Gummy Kit

Fish and worms and bears, oh my! 

The Nostalgia GCM600 Electric Giant Gummy Candy Maker comes with four silicone gummy candy molds and quick-set ice trays, as well as a huge bear mold for giant-sized gummies. The Nostalgia GCM600 comes with the necessary ingredients to make regular gummies, gummy vitamins, and gummy energy chews.

Best Beer Brewing Kit for a Budget

Thinking about making your own beer, but not sure you’re ready to commit to one of the more expensive home-brewing set ups? 

Check out the Mr. Beer Premium Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit. At a reasonable price point, amateur brewers can make all types of beer, including ales, blondes, pilsners, IPAs, and stouts.

Best High End Brewing Kit

What if you want the taste and sense of accomplishment that comes with fresh homebrewed beer without struggling with giant boiling pots of hops? 

Look no further than the Pico Home Brewing System, using PicoPaks, which are uniquely formulated to have a perfect balance of grains, hops, and yeast, brewers can make everything from stouts to IPAs to pilsners—automatically. And, if none of the existing PicoPaks strike your fancy, you can work with the company to create your own recipe!

Best DIY Root Beer Kit

Ok, we’ve had a lot of adult drink kits on this list. But what if you want to brew something with the kiddos? 

Mr. Beer’s Root Beer Kit allows you to do just that. Over the course of three days, you and your little ones will be able to make two gallons of sweet and fizzy root beer. Top off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a dessert that you won’t forget!

Best DIY Pickling Kit

Pickling is much, much easier than most people think. Quite literally, throw some veggies in a jar with pickling spices and wait for the magic to happen. 

This kit can be used to make spicy pickled cucumbers, green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, beets, and so much more. And there’s enough pickling spice for two batches so you can mix-and-match and get creative!

Best DIY Macaron Kit

Macarons are those delicious little French pastries that look very complicated to put together and are amazing with a cup of tea. Finding good ones can be a challenge unless you’re strolling the streets of Paris, so why not take a crack at making your own? 

The Lékué Macaron Kit has everything needed to make macarons at home, including a silicone mat specially designed to keep the batter from running and overlapping.

Best DIY Chili Kit

When it comes to food, I’m firmly in the camp of, “If I’m not crying, it’s not spicy enough.” But I can’t just drown everything I eat in sriracha; sometimes I need to try other sauces. 

I cannot even begin to describe how extremely satisfying it is to douse a meal in a sauce I made with my own two hands. The Chili Lab’s Home Made Hot Sauce Kit has all the ingredients necessary to make two delicious sauces.

Best DIY Bagel Kit

I’m going to level with everyone here. I am from New Jersey. It is where I live today. This means that I have had access to excellent bagels my entire life. I realize that not everyone lives with this level of privilege, which means it may be time to take matters into your own hands. 

The Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit from Farm Steady includes everything needed to make about a dozen bagels and enough cream cheese to go around!

Best DIY Mushroom Farm

Ok, these aren’t necessarily a food you can “make” at home, but how cool is it that you’re able to grow these delicious little fungi on your kitchen counter? 

All it needs is a spritz of water once a day and in less than two weeks you’ll have enough oyster mushrooms for whatever recipe your heart desires.

Best DIY Barbecue Sauce Kit

Did you know that barbecue sauce is basically deliciously seasoned ketchup? Now you do! 

This DIY Barbecue Kit includes the ingredients necessary to create two sauces: A piquant mustard-based barbecue sauce and a peppery vinegar mop sauce, which works perfectly as a marinade. These sauces go well with pretty much anything you can imagine, but let’s just start with chicken, shrimp, and burgers.

Best DIY Wine Making Kit

Even though wine making seems like it would be really complicated, this Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit makes it really simple. 

It comes with everything you need, including Pinot Grigio juice—yes, that’s a thing! 

The kit has enough ingredients to make about a gallon of this floral and fruity wine.

Best DIY Corn Tortilla Kit

There are certain holidays that absolutely must be observed. These are: New Years Eve, Arbor Day, and—of course—Taco Tuesday. 

Take your celebrations to the next level with this Corn Tortilla Kit. It comes with a tortilla press, a two-pound bag of Maseca corn tortilla mix, and a basket for keeping your newly cooked goodies warm.

Best DIY Vanilla Extract

The Beanilla Homemade Vanilla Extract kit comes with seven whole vanilla beans from Madagascar.

All you have to do is slice the beans in half (long-ways! Make sure it’s long-ways!), put them in the bottle, and cover with alcohol. From there, shake once or twice a week for two months. Once it’s done, get ready to rule the neighborhood bake sale.  

Best DIY Dog Treat Kit

I challenge you to name something more satisfying than watching someone you love enjoy a meal you prepared. 

Ok, there is one thing—watching your dog enjoy a treat you prepared. This kit helps you make delicious and healthy dog treats, so you can be sure that Fifi’s treats were baked with love.

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