The 22 Best Board Games for Kids and Families

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The 22 Best Board Games for Kids and Families

Looking for a board game? We've got all the classics, plus fun new board games here on our Guide list! Whether you need a birthday gift or a fun activity for family night, board games are a great choice. Kids can improve skills and create lasting memories playing these age-appropriate and brain-boosting games.

From Battleship to Gravity Maze and Candy Land to Watermelon Smash, read on to see our top picks in the world of games. We have stellar options for preschoolers on up, so stash that tablet away and have some good old-fashioned fun.


Everyone's first board game is Candy Land; kids as young as 3 years old can play. Move your token through the squares via colorful cards you choose on your turn. 

Go through delicious areas like the Peppermint Forest and Princess Frostine's Ice Palace. The first to reach the castle wins the game. Choose from various options like rustic or retro editions and even a My Little Pony version of the game.

Candy Land

This sweet first domino set features domino cards and a flower fairy named Rosalina. The game is great for littler kids, ages 3 and up, and can be played with 2–6 people. 

Flower Fairy Dominoes

This classic Hasbro game hones little kids' math skills. They'll count pretend cherries, apples, and blueberries as they take turns and compete to pick all the fruit from their tree. Best for ages 3 and up, this is a game for 2–3 players.

HiHo! Cherry-O

This classic guessing game has you flip down characters' faces as you rule them out. Try and guess the correct person before your opponent!

Do they have glasses? Is it a man? Is it … Bernard? Find out in this two-player game for ages 6 and up. Plus, this version features the 80s graphics for nostalgic parents.

Guess Who?

This logic game from ThinkFun is a brain-teaser. Best for bigger kids aged 8 and up, Cat Crimes is a puzzle-style game in which players use reasoning to figure out a table set-up of felines around a dinner table. There are 40 different challenges, so the game never gets old!

Cat Crimes

This watermelon is a ticking time bomb! Watermelon Smash is like water roulette — don't be the one to get soaked. Give the spinner a whirl and then press the watermelon against your head however many times it says. It might crack open on your turn!

Best for ages 6 and up, this game is for two or more players. Watermelon Smash is a great outdoor activity for spring and summer.

Watermelon Smash

Strategize with your stones in one of the oldest family games in the world. Capture the most stones and you win! Best for ages 6 and up, Mancala is for two or more players.


Players ring up life milestones in this classic board game. Take a chance with the spinner, and choose a career, vacations, and more. Place "children" in your vehicle and find out what else awaits your adult life.

Best for ages 8 and up, this version is a reproduction of the 1960 first edition, but there are many other versions — including a Minions version!

The Game of Life

This fun cupcake game includes 40 interchangeable cupcake parts to help you create combos before the party starts. Disney Princess Cupcake Party is for 2–4 players, ages 3 and up. Kids follow recipe cards and take turns adding play frosting, princess charm toppers, and liners to their creations.

Disney Princess Cupcake Party

This cool logic game is an award-winning STEM toy for kids ages 8 and up. Players create maze paths for marbles using tower structures. Single players or groups can work on the varied challenges — there are 60 in all — which range from beginner to expert.

Gravity Maze

The beloved classic board games comes in many varieties, including junior versions for younger players, but the original version is older-kid friendly (ages 8 and up). Win the 2–6 player game by amassing the most money via real estate. Move your token around the board, but don't land on someone else's space or you'll pay rent! 


The Quest for El Dorado is a "deck-building" game, meaning players get a combination of cards they can use to move through the game.You add new cards to boost your shot at winning.

Build up a team, craft a plan, and pick your equipment to explore the jungles of South America and find El Dorado before your opponents. Best for 2–4 players ages 10 and up, this 2017 German Game of the Year Finalist is great for older kids and families. 

The Quest for El Dorado

This best-selling preschool game features hungry critters on the hunt for acorns. Kids ages 3 and up hone their color matching skills by matching the spinner option to the acorn token.

Collect the matching acorn with the Squirrel Squeezer in this 2–4 player game, and the first to get five acorns wins! You can even keep rolling the fun into storytime with the board book combo pack.

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel

Try to remove the parts from your "patient," Cavity Sam, without setting off the buzzer with your tweezers. If you're a successful surgeon, you'll collect play cash; the player with the most cash wins.

This game — best for ages 6 and up — can be played alone or with others. The game includes two AA demo batteries.


This award-winning game for little ones fosters collaboration. It also helps kids ages 4 and up improve color recognition skills.

The objective? Move the owls into the nest before the sun rises. Two to four players can join in the fun.

Hoot Owl Hoot

"You sunk my battleship!" Ring a bell? If so, you've probably played this beloved game of naval strategy. Try to figure out your opponent's ship locations with each turn you take. Then, fire away!

Battleship is a two-player game best for ages 7 and up.


Children who love fairy tales will get a kick out of this fun board game. In Enchanted Forest, best for ages 4 and up, 2–6 players roll the dice and search for the treasures the king desires. If you can find what his highness wants, you win the kingdom!

Enchanted Forest

Race to have your hippo "eat" the most marbles! This game is action-packed, so little ones love it. Two to four players compete with four colorful hippos. These hippos help players ages 4 and up to create a feeding frenzy. Count the marbles to see who won!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Will you get creamed? Take turns cranking the splatter as you wait to get whipped cream smooshed in your face. (Whipped cream not included.) Best for ages 5 and up, this suspenseful game will have everyone laughing. 

Pie Face!

The classic game Trouble gets a DreamWorks update with colorful Trolls from the recent movie. Pop the dice in this 2–4 player game and get your troll safely home before the Bergens appear!

In this edition, there's a zip line for extra excitement. The parts are a little small for the tiniest tots, but kids ages 5 and up can have fun getting into trouble!

Trolls in Trouble

Sleepy Princess Pile Up is an adorable game for kids ages 3 and up. Little ones must use their motor skills to stack the Penny Pea Princess's bedding. Two to four players compete to balance a tower of tiny mattresses, comforters, and pillows.

Sleepy Princess Pile Up

Is this mouth-modifying game weird? Yes. Will you laugh? Absolutely. Put in the clear mouthpiece (10 of the cheek retracting devices are included) and try to communicate phrases to your teammates. Watch Ya Mouth is a great game for groups; it's for 2–10 players and best for ages 8 and up.

Watch Ya' Mouth

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