Brooklyn Bedding Foam Mattress Review

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Brooklyn Bedding Foam Mattress Review

Chances are, when you buy a mattress, you’ll also buy a complement of new sheets and pillows, too. Maybe even a foundation. Brooklyn Bedding offers a smart option for you -- why not buy it all at the same time at a great price?

Brooklyn Bedding offers three different 10-inch mattress choices: It’s up to you whether you want a soft, medium, or firm feel, each with three layers of foam. (Don’t worry about getting this wrong -- there’s a 120 night trial period.) The top talalay latex layer contours to your body, the middle dunlop latex layer provides a transitional layer of support to assist the 6-inch high-density foam core, working together to keep your body from being swallowed up. Its $750 price, meanwhile, is right on the money.

Both the pillows and sheets are high-quality, too. The pillows are made of springy talalay latex and will run you an extra $39 ($56 for king size). The sateen-weave sheets ($75 for queen) are made of 300-thread count sustainable bamboo rayon.

All told, Brooklyn Bedding is great option for getting your new bed up and running ASAP. It’s our choice for the best all-in-one foam mattress solution.

Price: $750

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