Behmor Brazen Plus Drip Coffee Review - Best for Tech Geeks

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Behmor Brazen Plus Drip Coffee Review - Best for Tech Geeks

This is the the best tasting drip coffee maker for tech geeks and gadget nuts.

If your home was a space station, this is the coffeemaker you’d have in the galley for all of your celestial caffeination needs. Think of it as the Android to Bonavita’s iPhone, in that it’s the among the most adjustable coffeemakers on the market.

The Brazen Plus has options for elevation calibration, preferred brewing temperature, pre-soak duration and brew start time. If you live in a place with a non-standard elevation like Denver or New Orleans, it might be worth checking out this Special Coffee Association of America-certified brewer.

It might take a couple of batches to dial your exact preferences into the Behmor Brazen Plus, but once you’ve optimized all of the menus, you won’t lose any of your settings because the brewer’s onboard memory will store your preferences even if the power goes out.

Keep in mind that this model requires a calibration run its first sojourn out of the box, but after that, this brewer is yours for the tweaking. The Behmor Brazen Plus is our pick for the best coffee maker for tech nerds.

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