The Best Fitness Tracker for Apple Fans

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The Best Fitness Tracker for Apple Fans

If you already have an iPhone, a Macbook, and an iPad, and you’re in the market for a wearable fitness tracker, the second generation Apple Watch is a pretty compelling option.

It’s especially relevant given the versatility of the apps available for the Watch in the App Store. In true Apple fashion, the Apple Watch has as much (or as little) coaching, sharing, and data output as you want.

This fitness tracker will remind you to get up during the day, automatically track any kind of exercise, and estimate the number of calories you’ve burned over the course of the day. The Apple Watch 2 also knows sometimes you deserve positive feedback, so it will help you celebrate whenever you hit a new personal best or achieve one of your workout goals.

And because not everyone is able to take all those steps, Apple created specific tracking metrics for people in wheelchairs. There are two wheelchair-specific workouts in the second generation Apple Watch. So, if inclusivity is important to you in your hunt for a fitness tracker, this is a great buy.

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