Amoda Monthly Subscription Tea Box Review

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Amoda Monthly Subscription Tea Box Review

Look in the mirror. Do you see an adventurer? Someone who likes to try new things and indulge in weird and wonderful delicacies?

Does that person in the mirror also like tea? In that case, they should probably sign up for a subscription for an Amoda Monthly Tea Box. Amoda sources its teas from independent tea companies throughout North America, searching for fun flavors and delicious blends. Just some examples are “Smore’s Tea,” “French Lemon Crème,” and “Hot Apple Cider.”

All of Amoda’s teas are blended in small batches with no artificial flavors and no sweeteners. Many of the tea selections are organic. Best of all, none of the teas are boring!

Each Amoda box includes four different teas to try, complete with brewing instructions, tasting notes, biodegradable tea filters, and a collectible tea postcard. And, for tea enthusiasts who are watching their caffeine intake, there’s a “Low Caf” option.

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