33 Music Festival Essentials

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By | Updated July 19, 2018
33 Music Festival Essentials

It's festival season! Time to pack up and head out with your friends. Wherever your musical tastes take you there are certain essentials that you should pack. 

We've rounded up gear and accessories that work across genres and compiled this handy packing list. From a selfie stick to solar-power lights, we've thought of everything. Check out our essential festival gear recommendations before you buy online.


Fashionable Fanny Pack

Fashionable Fanny Pack

Keep your valuables in a lightweight fanny pack for extra convenience and safety — no one wants to worry about lugging a bag around a music festival. 

This mini hip pack from Patagonia is durable, and best of all, it comes in fun colors like teal and lime green. Plus it folds up into itself when you don't need it, conserving valuable space.


Premiere Portable Speaker

Premiere Portable Speaker

An all-terrain portable speaker, the Speaqua Barnacle + is waterproof (it actually floats), sand-proof (perfect for the desert), long-lasting (up to 5 hours), and features Bluetooth connectivity with a built-in microphone. 

It even has a 4GB built-in flash drive — you can store up to 1000 songs. It comes in patterns like "Tripper Fish" so you know this speaker will fit right in at a music festival.


Colorful Flask

Colorful Flask

These flasks aren't meant to blend in, they are beautiful and they should be seen! Available in blue, aqua, mustard, pink, green, and gold, this little stainless steel flask is 4.3" tall, so it fits just about anywhere (holds about 3 oz. of liquid). 

It also comes in adorable gift box.


Large Water Bottle

Large Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, so a large durable water bottle like this one from CamelBak is essential for festivals.

It holds a liter of H2O and comes in colors like sky blue and lilac. You can even get a bottle that reads "hydrate or die." Because well, it's the truth. Drink that water, concert-goer!


Best Portable Charger for Most People

Best Portable Charger for Most People

If you need a little backup battery power, this little cylinder can charge your phone and then some. The Anker PowerCore will give most flagship phones at least one and up to two charges. It also packs enough of a punch to charge tablets on the go. We recommend this portable charger for its durability, compact size, and ability to charge and be charged quickly.


  • Fully charges phones up to two times
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse
  • Durable


  • Thicker and heavier than other "lipstick" chargers
  • Doesn't support Quick Charge

Travel First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit

Tuck this little (7.5" wide) case into your luggage and you'll be prepared for minor injuries that might occur.

The Be Smart kit includes items like antiseptic towelettes, bandages, alcohol wipes, antibiotic applicators, and an instant cold compress. Better safe than sorry!


Multi-Use Blanket

Multi-Use Blanket

This water-repellant blanket serves multiple purposes. You can use it for sitting on the ground (damp grass is no problem), and it stuffs back into itself for easy transport -- or use it as a pillow! 

The handy pocket can also hold festival gear. If it's chlly or raining, snap on the included hood and voila, the blanket becomes a poncho! You can also snap multiple blankets together to form a larger hang-out spot. Measuring at 70" by 50", the Adventure Blanket is made from recycled cotton flannel on the top and durable nylon on the bottom. It's available in four festival-ready colorful patterns.


Sensitive Sunscreen

Sensitive Sunscreen

Since you'll likely be outdoors, protect your face from sun exposure. 

Neutrogena makes a break-out free liquid lotion sunscreen that is SPF 55. You can slather it on and it should keep your face clear. Grab and extra to stick in your fanny pack!


Super Straw Hat

Super Straw Hat

Stay cool (literally and figuratively) with this stylish straw hat from Revolve.

The black band is lambskin.


Budget-Conscious Straw Hat

Budget-Conscious Straw Hat

If you're saving all your funds for festival tickets, but you still need sun protection, check out this affordable Brixton sun hat. 

It's got a wide 4" brim, and a black grosgrain band.


Perfect Personal Fan

Perfect Personal Fan

Available in black, blue, or red, this tiny fan will keep you cool. 

You'll need 4 AA batteries to keep it running, and the fan includes adjustable speeds. The blades are finger-safe and Cool It includes a lanyard for safe keeping. It's a really popular choice at a lot price.


Sturdy Selfie Stick

Sturdy Selfie Stick

It's not a music festival without a few selfies. 

Take care or your social media posting needs with this Amazon best-seller. The Mpow selfie stick stores at a compact 7.1" long, and includes a Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter. Just connect your smart phone and snap away!

Portable Projector

You'll have the most popular tent in the campsite with this packable projector (it's ultralight and only 3" tall). 

Play movies or music videos anywhere — watch Netflix or YouTube and chill while you wait for your favorite bands to play. The Magic Cinema mini-projector is noiseless, and projects a screen up to 150". The battery life lasts up to five hours.


Classic Rain Boots

Classic Rain Boots

U.K. company Hunter makes classic festival boots. If you're going to an area prone to wet weather, these will keep your feet nice and dry. 

The high quality rubber construction should last for years. The Original Short Rain Boots come in a variety of colors, from black matte, to silver, to bright pink.


Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Go longer between showers with this great festival hack: dry shampoo. 

It absorbs excess oil, keeping your hair looking fresh. Just spray it on and brush out any excess dry shampoo. Voila! No shower needed.


Retro Cooler

Retro Cooler

This classic red cooler is really handy for storing cold drinks, and it looks great. 

The metal exterior has a powder coat finish, and the heavy duty plastic interior holds 18 cans or 12 bottles. Perfect for sharing at a music festival. It also features a locking handle with lid, and a built-in both opener. The 3 gallon dimensions are 11.5" x 9" x 14.5" — an ideal travel size.

An Air Mattress That Looks Like An Actual Bed

Air mattresses are great for instantly creating a comfy sleeping space. We particularly like this queen-sized air mattress because of its double height, meaning it looks more like an actual bed than a mattress on the floor.

It's made of a durable water and puncture-resistant material and includes its own pump, so all you have to do is plug it in and press a button. Toss on a few blankets and pillows and your guests have a cozy sleeping spot.

Solar Phone Charger

What could be more practical for campers than a solar-powered phone charger? Make sure they never lose power with this nifty gift. 

The water-resistant charger is available in 3 colors and it includes a handy hook. It takes about 6-7 hours in strong sunlight to charge your phone. It also comes with a USB cable and a mini USB LED light. The charger has two USB ports to charge multiple devices at once.

Cozy Camp Blanket

Pendleton blankets are beloved by campers and non-campers alike, so gifting one of these gorgeous products is going to be a slam-dunk. 

Recipients can use this blanket at the camp site, or just around the house. They’re on the pricey side, but this is a quality product that will last through camping trips for years to come. Available in two styles: Hemrich Stripe and Mineral Umber.

Hand Sanitizer

When you can’t wash your hands, you can use a hand sanitizer to ward off germs. 

Purell is the #1 hand sanitizer brand in hospitals, and it kills more than 99.99% of germs. You only need one squirt of this gel hand sanitizer to equal two squirts of other brands, claims Purell. Stock up and keep those germs at bay!

A Mini Flashlight So You Don’t Stub Your Toes

Walking through an unfamiliar house in the dark is a recipe for stubbed toes and banged shins. 

Grab a mini flashlight so you can find the bathroom without getting bruised. 

And Earplugs to Drown Out Extra Noise

Meant to protect your hearing from loud harmful noises at loud events like concerts, these earplugs also do a fantastic job blocking out noise when you're trying to fall asleep. In fact, they can reduce noise by up to 21 decibels. 

They're also reusable, so you can reduce waste, and come with an aluminum carry case, making them easy to take on the go.


Cool Crossbody Bag

Cool Crossbody Bag

Show off a little boho style with this cool crossbody bag. 

Available in five colors (rose, sage, brown, tan, and black), it's a leather bag with an inside pocket and drawstring closure. Use the top handles or the 19.75" shoulder strap to tote your essentials.

Convenient Camp Chairs

This camping chair has it all: size, durability, cup holders, adjustable arm rests, and even a built-in cooler! There’s also a storage pocket for magazines or other items. 

It fits up to 5 drinks (4 in the cooler and 1 in the holder) so no need to leave the campfire for beverages. The Coleman Quad Chairs feature an oversized steel frame to support up to 300lbs, but they fold up compactly and fit into the included carry bag for easy transport. 


Solar-Powered String Lights

Solar-Powered String Lights

Decorate your tent (or van? Wherever you're staying — we're not here to judge) with some fun little lights. 

These are solar-powered, so no need to plug them in (the small solar panel is attached to a plastic stake). 30 frosted globes are on the 20 ft wire. Choose flash or steady mode and change up the ambiance.

Practical And Pretty

The Bright Navy/Honeysuckle color combo on this North Face bag is as practical as it is pretty! 

The 20 liter bag is available in 13 different looks, and it features plenty of organizational pockets (including water bottle pockets). At 18.25" it's big enough to take camping, but also lightweight enough for school.


Trusty Rain Jacket

Trusty Rain Jacket

This lightweight anorak is water-resistant, making it convenient in case of inclement weather. Or just a chilly day. 

Available in olive, black, and blue for women. The men's rain jacket available at Target comes in beige and red.

Polaroid Pop

New for the holiday season, Polaroid has rolled out a fun new instant camera, the POP. She can toss this little camera in her bag, then take 3” by 4” white-bordered photos instantly.

Available in 6 colors, the POP has great features like a timer, built-in flash, video, and photo booth mode. Film is approximately $1.00 per exposure. A great addition to any holiday party — get those Santa selfies!


Helpful Hydration Pack

Helpful Hydration Pack

If you're not messing around with your water intake, get yourself a CamelBak hydration pack. 

Wear your H2O supply on your back, with a convenient sipper attached to the shoulder strap.The ventilated HydroBack holds 50 oz. of liquid and features reflective pieces for optimal safety.


Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Stay clean during festival camping with your very own portable shower!

The 2.5 gallon outdoor Summer Shower is solar-powered, providing a nice warm shower even when you're off the grid. The water heats up fast on a sunny day, and there's a convenient on/off valve on the shower head. When not in use the portable shower rolls up for easy storage.


Convenient Wet Wipes

Convenient Wet Wipes

Wipes can be used for any manner of hygiene-related situations. 

This eco-friendly brand of flushable wipes contains 30 individually-wrapped wet wipes. The 8" by 6" wipes can be used in bathrooms (perfect for porta-pottys), after eating, as a shower substitute… so many uses. As a bonus, Stall Mates are made in the USA using solar energy, and the company plants a tree for every box sold. 


Toilet Paper To-Go

Toilet Paper To-Go

These 6 mini toilet paper rolls are super convenient for festivals, or anywhere else with dicey bathroom accommodations.

Each 2-ply roll is individually packaged and features 75 sheets. 


Portable Snack Bars

Portable Snack Bars

Toss a few protein bars in your bag for when the food truck line is just too long. 

RXBARs are protein-packed and have no added sugar, and no gluten, GMO, or soy. They're made of egg whites, dates, and nuts. So pretty much any festival-goer can partake. Flavors include blueberry, chocolate sea salt, coconut chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, mixed berry, and peanut butter.

Super Sleeping Bag

Coleman's Oak Point sleeping bag is great for car camping — or festival tents. And the "big and tall" size makes it versatile enough for all sizes (or sharing!). You can also zip multiple bags together. 

The Coletherm insulation and flannel lining make this bag comfortable in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. It's easy to roll up, and the zipper doesn't get stuck thanks to a special ZipPlow system that pulls fabric away from the zipper. Toss this bag in with your festival gear and cozy up at night.

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