Air Fryers for Healthy and Delicious Dinners

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Air Fryers for Healthy and Delicious Dinners

Love the taste and texture of fried foods, but hate the extra fat and dangerous deep fryers? It's time to look into investing in an air fryer. These high-tech convection ovens cook food with 75% less fat than traditionally fried foods using circulated hot air and just a teensy bit of oil. With a little time, they cook all kinds delicious foods to crispy golden perfection.

There are a lot of air fryers out there, but as we researched the many, many options, one brand was a clear standout from the pack. Philips air fryers are simply better-rated than the competition by both users and professionals.

Philips air fryers use a patented design called TurboStar technology, that exposes food to constant, circulating heat for an even cook, regardless of how much is piled in the cooking chamber. This means that you don't have to turn the food to ensure an even cook. Literally, you set it and wait for deliciousness to happen to you. This is a big deal — home chefs have found that other air fryers don't cook food evenly or require the users to be ever-vigilant, turning food for an even cook. This is why the Philips Airfryers win.

In addition, the Philips Airfryers don't require any preheating — the moment you turn them on, they are hot and ready to go. Competitors can require up to 5–10 minutes of preheat time. Maintenance is really simple, with dishwasher safe components that lend to an easy clean up.


Best Air Fryer for Most

Best Air Fryer for Most

This is the overall best rated air fryer out there. It's also a good size without being enormous — it can hold up to 2.75 quarts of food, but has has a compact countertop footprint. If you are looking for the best air fryer, you won't go wrong with this one. 


Best Big Air Fryer

Best Big Air Fryer

With a 3.5-quart capacity, this is a BIG air fryer designed specifically to manage large amounts of food. Like it's little brother, the HD9641/96, this air fryer cooks food evenly and doesn't require preheating.

Both of these air fryers are really easy to use. They have an intuitive dial with digital display — just turn it to the right temperature, click, and turn again to set the time. A final click gets the machine going. They're pre-programmable and come with five presets for some of the most popular air-fried dishes, including frozen fries, meat, and drumsticks.

Once you figure what your faves are, they have a smart preset button that memorizes the settings for you. Their temperatures are adjustable up to 390°F and they have a 60-minute timer and automatic shut off as safety precautions.

We also really like that there is a Philips Airfryer app, and it comes with more than 200 recipes for people looking for air fryer inspiration. This is good, because Philips Airfryers can do more than fry. They can also grill, roast, and bake, making them a fantastic utility player for your kitchen.

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