Aerobie Aeropress Manual Espresso Machine Review

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Aerobie Aeropress Manual Espresso Machine Review

So, you value your morning coffee or espresso but you're not looking to break the bank. This is the budget-friendly espresso maker for you. The Aerobie Aeropress is for the shopper who doesn't care about something fancy and just wants something functional.

The Aerobie Aeropress can produce coffee and espresso-style shots. That's pretty much it. Since it only makes enough for one mug's worth at a time, this machine is best if you're drinking alone.

Begin by inserting a small filter and adding ground coffee. Next, stand the Aeropress chamber on top of a mug, then pour hot water into the chamber.

Stir the coffee and water, then place the Aeropress plunger into the chamber and press down for 20 seconds. The whole process from start to finish takes approximately one minute.

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