20 Cozy, Adult Onesies You Need This Winter

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20 Cozy, Adult Onesies You Need This Winter

Adult onesies are the greatest trend for this time of year. 

They’re comfy, cozy, warm, and make you look AMAZING. Ideal both for nights you want to snuggle on the couch with a mug of cocoa and fun theme parties, these onesies are—without a doubt—the future of loungewear.


Pac-Man is on the run from Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde on this delightful throwback union suit.

It’s made of fleece and has a hood for staying warm during long gaming sessions.

For Gamers

Blend in on snowy days with this snowman onesie. 

Wear it in your yard as a point of reference when you’re crafting your own snow buddy in chilly weather.

For People Who Love Snow

Unicorns are quite magical. Join their ranks with this whimsical onesie.

It’s available in eight color combinations so you can be exactly the unicorn you’ve always imagined in your dreams!

For Magical Creatures

There is a reason this Pusheen fellow is so popular—he is the cutest cat ever! 

Known for nibbling on delicious foods, this is a fantastic onesie when you’re craving some late night pizza and don’t want to put on real pants.

For Adorable Cat Lovers

You’ve all seen that hilarious teaser trailer for the next Deadpool movie where he’s struggling to get into his costume? 

Slipping into this union suit won’t take nearly that long.

For Those With a Sick Sense of Humor

You want the onesie experience, but you don’t want to dress up like an animal or superhero. 

We got you with this cozy, hooded masterpiece that’s available in black, blue, or green. 

For Subtle Guys

This Cheer Bear union suit is one of the most joyful things we’ve ever seen. 

Just putting it on should be an instant mood booster! 

For People Who Need Some Extra Cheer

The best onesie to wear when you go see The Last Jedi. 

We promise, those people are only staring because they’re jealous. Especially after you make a perfectly executed Chewbacca sound.

For Star Wars Fanatics

Perfect for those late nights when you’re waiting for the Catbus.

You don’t want to catch cold if it starts raining and Totoro isn’t around with a leaf to keep you dry!

For Your Inner Spirit of the Forest

Terrorize Manhattan in this amazing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man union suit. And remember, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!

For People Who Wish To Choose The Form Of Their Destructor

For warmer weather, this short-sleeved union suit is perfect for patriotic loungers. 

For Patriots

This is the ideal outfit for late nights spent studying spells, developing potions, and hiding from he-who-shall-not-be-named.

For Wizards

We love that all it takes to dress up like a flying squirrel is slipping into this onesie. 

Flying squirrels are totally awesome.

For Nature Enthusiasts

Adorned with hearts and snowflakes, these are the best pajamas for slumber parties or snowy nights by the fire!

For Lovers of Hygge

Even though this suit isn’t completely bullet-proof or able to withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees, it is made of a fabric that is comfortable for sensitive skin. 

You’re definitely going to want this super suit for all occasions. 

For Superhero Familes

Narwhals are—without a doubt—the most awesome whales. 

This onesie lets you emulate these delightful unicorns of the sea.

For Unicorns of the Sea

This warm and cozy onesie is also available in men’s and children’s sizes if you want to dress up the whole family!

For People Who Like To Match With Their Families

All you need is a Lasso of Truth and an Invisible Jet and you’ll be fighting crime in no time!

For People Angling to Get into the Justice League

Remember, a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do!

So after you throw on this onesie, grab Cynthia and head for the cookie jar.

For People Channeling Their Inner Princess

This onesie isn’t just warm and cozy—it also makes a fashion statement. 

Made from a plush velour fabric, it comes in two colors: Pitch Black or Eloquent Petrol.

For Lovers of Luxe Onesies