19 Gifts You Can Personalize for an Extra Special Touch

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19 Gifts You Can Personalize for an Extra Special Touch

As fun as it is to receive gifts, giving them is the highlight of many people’s holiday season. And for those looking to amp-up their gift giving in 2017, personalizing those gifts ensures that everyone on your list feels extra special.

There’s something on this list for everyone—from tiny children to home chefs to that one weird friend who’s obsessed with her cat. Read on to find gifts that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

A Board That’s A Cut Above The Rest

Made of richly grained maple wood, this 16 by 12.5 inch cutting board is perfect for aspiring chefs. Suitable for everything from chopping vegetables to carving meat, this board is also gorgeous, making it a fantastic display piece when not in us. 

It can be personalized with first name, last name, or a couple’s names. Reviewers note that this cutting board isn’t just functional, it can also be used as a serving platter for a super-personalized party.

A Gift For People On The Go

We speak from first-hand knowledge—these bags are the best. They’re cute, sturdy, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can fit SO. MUCH. STUFF. The bags are made of a durable canvas and have reinforced handles and bottom, making them even more able to carry a heavy load. 

The bottom is also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your valuables getting damp if you set the bag down on a wet floor. You can personalize these bags with either initials or a name in a number of styles, so you’re sure the bag suits its recipient.

A Cap Collector For Beer Braggarts

We all have a friend who’s really into trying new beer. That friend also probably likes keeping track of what he or she has tasted over the years. This personalized cap collector serves as a bank for bottle caps of delicious brews, no matter how long ago they were sipped.

It can be personalized for one person or even a couple, and is good looking enough hold a place of prominence in their kitchen—ideally right next to the fridge.

A Cap Collector for Cork Heads

Not everyone is into brewskies, so it makes sense to also have an option for the wine drinkers in your life. Another great looking box that can be hung up right next to a wine rack and emblazoned with the wine enthusiasts’ names, this one has a bigger slot up top so corks can be dropped right in without any trouble.

This is also a fantastic gift for crafters who like making things with wine corks, but don’t know where to keep them between the drinking and the crafting.

A Gift For Your Friend Who Is Obsessed With Her Pet

Everyone has that friend. The one with pictures of Fido all over her house, all over her cubicle, and maybe even propped up on the dashboard of her car. How much would she love a framed drawing of her favorite doggo in the entire world? Our guess—she’d love it a lot. And you’re not just limited to dogs; the artist also draws kitties, fish, and even reptiles and rodents!

Just send a picture of the beloved pet and in return you’ll get an awesome line drawing. Just be aware, since this item is made to order, you need to give the artist about two weeks to turn the drawing around.

Family-friendly Sippers

As avid consumers of warm beverages, we at The Guide have strong feelings regarding our favorite mugs. For a new mug to supplant our current faves, well, that mug would have to be really special.

Enter these personalized family mugs, which you can customize to look like your mom/dad/sister/brother/friend/cousin/coworker/whoever you need to buy for. These mugs are top-rack dishwasher safe and microwave save, and you can even buy a set for a whole family, complete with first and last names!

A Gift For Your Super-organized Friend (Or Friend Who Wants To Be)

In the age of a digital everything, analog planners are having a moment. These supremely customizable notebooks are part calendar, part journal, and part opportunity to buy lots of very specific stickers and fun art supplies. 

Erin Condren planners are gorgeous, well-made, and can be made to your exact preferences. Pick your color and emblazon the name of the recipient on the cover. Be sure to gift these planners with a set of awesome pens and some pretty washi tape!

A Wallet That Knows Who It Belongs To

Fossil wallets are top-notch. They come in a rainbow of colors, are big enough to hold everything you need without being overly large, and last FOREVER. 

The Caroline RFID Zip Around Wallet is even better because it was designed with a special lining that protects the RFID chips in credit and debit cards from unwarranted scanning. And now, you can get this baby embossed with the giftee’s initials for free! There are a number of font and color options, meaning that you’re sure to get something that fits the recipient’s taste.

A Phonecase Covered In Hand-Picked Images

The high-powered computers we carry around in our pockets need protection from drops, knocks, and other acts of clumsiness. But so many of the phone cases out there are super boring. This one is not.

The Photo Phone Case from Casetify is covered in photos that you hand pick from your existing social media accounts or straight from your computer. You even get to pick the number of photos and how they are arranged. This is a perfect gift for that friend who is obsessed with her cats and wants to plaster their fuzzy faces over everything she owns.

A Book For Self-obsessed History Buffs

Ok, we’re just being facetious; this book is really cool for anyone, not just the self-obsessed! 

A handsomely bound collection of New York Times front pages from a certain day give readers a direct look at what was in the news on their birthday over the course of decades. It can be personalized with the giftee’s name and birthday.

Also available for The Washington Post and LA Times if those are your newspapers of record.

Pet socks! There are Personalized Pet Socks!

Gone are the days of being disappointed when you get socks as a present, because these socks are amazing. 

All you do is upload a picture of your giftee’s favorite furry friend, and this company will put Fluffy’s adorable visage on a pair of adorable socks in the color of your choosing. The best part about this company is that beyond creating awesome custom socks, it is also very active in the chartable space, donating socks to people in need all over the United States.

A Gift For The Littlest Person On Your List

How adorable is this book? Perfect for little ones, the cover is personalized with a child’s name—K is for Kate, B is for Billy, etc.

Inside the book, the reader also finds a special message from the gifter, whether it be words of encouragement or a simple “I love you!” From there, readers discover that this is not your typical illustrated alphabet book. Each lettered page illustrates positive personality traits, such as bravery, patience, and imagination.

A Gift For Your Long-distance Best Friend

Being far away from your best friend is hard, and anything that makes that distance seem smaller is a good investment. This mug depicts where you and your bestie are located with little hearts and a dotted line connecting the two. 

It can be customized to show any state or country, and, if you have more than one bestie, you can add more locations to show all the different cities you call home. The mugs themselves are great quality, and dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

A Cookbook You Can Tailor For Every Home Chef

This book is AWESOME. Basically, you’re able to control everything, choosing the types of recipes that the recipient is most likely to make and leaving out all of the stuff he or she might ignore. This is a major step up from cookbooks that may have one chapter that really interests a home chef, but also includes a lot of other recipes that will never, ever be attempted.

It also shows you pay attention. You know that Brenda is really into drinks and desserts, while Steve may be all about those vegetarian entrees. Bonus: You’ll likely be a taste tester for all of the delicious goodies your friends and family cook up!

Coasters That Look a Little Familiar

These days, everyone has about a zillion fantastic photos of their friends hidden away on their phones. Those pictures are no good just sitting around on your phone, so surprise your friend by turning them into coasters!

These custom 4x4 inch photo coasters are made of stone and can be customized with either color or black and white photographs. All of the coasters are hand made in the artist’s home studio and require up to two weeks of production time.

A Watch That Tells You The Time And Hides A Secret

This clean and simple leather-banded watch from Fossil is a great gift for any of the guys in your life. 

Beyond its fantastic aesthetic, the watch can be engraved—for free—with words of wisdom or love, a favorite movie quote, or even just your man’s initials. Choose between a number of different fonts so whatever your write speaks to the recipient.

A Sweet, Minimalist Piece Of Jewelry

This custom name necklace is a lovely gift for any of the ladies in your life. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold, this minimalist piece of everyday jewelry can go with just about any outfit that needs a little extra bling. 

Reviewers LOVE this necklace, and many mention how well it holds up over time. This is an especially great option for ladies with uncommon names who haven’t been able to find personalized jewelry in the past.

A Personalized Stocking Stuffer

Ok, this one isn’t exactly personalizable, but it is a great little stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. Everyone has keys. Everyone is always losing those keys. 

Having a keyfob with your initial on it makes it easier to find your keys when they go missing. Also, these things look really sharp, classing up that bundle of jangling metal that lets you into your car or house.

A Less Personal, But Still Personalized, Phone Case

If you think getting your friend a phone case covered in pictures might be a bit much, check out this alternative. You can create a phone case monogrammed with his or her initial in the font and color of your choosing.

It looks really sharp and will definitely help him keep track of his phone better than that standard black case with the belt clip!

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